Sunday, June 22, 2008

win or lose?

Yo dudes and dudettes. I haven’t written in awhile. This week and the past say ummmm yeah this whole year has been incredibly emotionally trying for me. My heart has been touched, smashed, caressed, fucked, pissed on, pounded in and now it’s just a cracked and empty shell.

Anymore these days I really just can’t expect people to be REAL. I mean, they say one thing to your face but then do something completely different when you aren’t around. You say this is who you are to me and your actions prove otherwise and it makes me so angry I could fucking stab someone. Why can’t everyone just be real? Maybe they are being real and maybe there are just alternative realities? I sincerely give up on everyone from this day forward.

By the way, I am in this neat little modeling contest for this up and coming zombie/gore alt porn/fetish site. Please go vote for me (contestant #2):

Click in that link or if it doesn’t work just manually type in:
Once you enter the site there is a banner advertising the contest in the top right hand corner. Click that if you aren’t on the voting page already.

They are using a comment system to tally up the votes and this bitch is about to start gaining on me and I am WAY to prideful to loose an internet popularity contest so gooooooooo VOTE!
All you have to do is enter in a comment ONCE A DAY, EVERYDAY up until July the 4th. So PLEASE bookmark!

Wouldn’t that be a hell of an Independence Day surprise for me?
If (and when, hehe) I win I will receive an all expense paid trip out to the HeadSick headquarters in Southern California to shoot several shoots for them, for which I get paid for in addition to having the whole trip itself paid for in full, so this won’t only be awesome for my PR but it will also provide a damn vacation that I have been needing for like a damn year.

Also, if possible please post a bulletin, blog entry or ask you friends in other ways to help me round up more votes. That would make me a very happy little lamb chop.

Also I wanted to remind everyone that my Sunday member chat is tonight at 10pm CST so make sure you are there in the cam show are of my site at that time so you don’t miss out!