Saturday, November 8, 2008

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:45 I am never EVER EEBER EMU OHNO drinking again. #
  • 04:00 @darkradiance Yes this is me. #
  • 04:11 I want a cheesy from Taco Tierra and a spicy chicken borrito from Taco Bell. I'm so hungry for tacos! #
  • 04:36 Sally Jupiter is my HERO. #
  • 06:35 I have a whole room in my house that I don't use at all. Is that weird? #
  • 06:50 What the fuck is fucking wrong with myspace? #
  • 07:56 Ha! Why am I watching this? #
  • 08:18 Well cool! I didn't do what I thought I might have possibly did last night afterall! #
  • 08:22 Dude gross. I have a pimple in my ear. Lame. #
  • 08:47 I want to do something really unexpected of me. Make suggestions. #
  • 08:50 I kindof like this song, video and the dance they do in it. #
  • 08:59 Hahaha wtf is this. is this real? #
  • 09:32 I want another Fruitista Freeze from Taco Bell. Those are so damn good. #
  • 22:43 @what_sadie_sang Hahaha, "a whore in church." Now go make me a pretty salad! #
  • 22:43 @dtopper22 Where are you at today? Feeling better? #
  • 22:47 Damn it's colder than this witch's titty outside! I love the winter! #
  • 00:08 Even though I can leave my braids in longer... I am thinking that I may need a change. Plus my hat's don't fit! #
  • 00:31 I have a couple of friends that whenever I go places with them I make sure to carry cab money just in case they kill each other. Guess who! #
  • 00:48 Only got 2 site subscriptions this week. Oh well I excuse you because of the historical election we all had the privilage to live through. #
  • 00:51 Where can I get an international money order? I need one for a hat I bought on ebay. #