Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:06 My neighbor is having a party down stairs. What is there possibly to party about on a Monday? #
  • 06:44 OMG go look at this nut RIGHT NOW! www.cam4.com/DottieDevoe #
  • 09:13 My fucking PC is pooping out on me. I pride myself in being good with these things but I am having a TOTAL indigo moment here:( #
  • 09:48 I fucking love hot little hot fucking hip jewish boys like Paul Barmen! (Barman?) #
  • 12:50 I love the show Sister Sister! You know with the twins Tia and Tamera!? #
  • 01:30 @tastytrixie Oh cool! What kind of format are you making the survey thing in? #
  • 01:34 Are there ANY colleges that I could study at that don't require fucking math as core curriculum? #
  • 01:41 I really don't think this girl is that brilliant: tinyurl.com/5uaqbp #
  • 01:56 @tastytrixie I am gonna check that out totally! #
  • 02:49 I want to start modeling professionally again, who wants to be my manager? Hahaha! (I'm serious.) #
  • 03:10 How much should I charge for different types of modeling work per hour? As a somewhat well known I-net model? #