Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:59 My monday night members show is starting now at www.undressjess.com! Don't miss it! #
  • 05:35 I took my evening dose of seroquel since I just want to be able to get up and go figure everything out with prescription assistance tomorrow #
  • 14:27 Does anyone know the standard rates of sending money via western union? Is it more to send out of the country? (No I am not being scammed) #
  • 16:15 Yay! I have the new little embed thingy on my site so everyone can enjoy tonight's cam show at 8pm central! Whoot! #
  • 19:46 Someone make me an undressjess.com banner size 468x80. PLZ!? #
  • 22:02 Banner issue has now been addressed:) Please go back to your regularly scheduled programing! #
  • 00:23 Doing shows 7DAYS/WEEK now on www.undressjess.com so go check out my "live show" page because I gussied it up and made it tight as hell! #
  • 01:52 Spy cams are back up and the show is about to begin, holmes! #