Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:35 My site has been kicking ass and taking names! That's a good feeling. I hope I reach the designer fee goal soon! #
  • 04:07 I have been getting so tired early lately. Bah! And I wanted to go out, but at this rate I will be passed out sooner than later. #
  • 04:49 If I were your girlfriend... would you pick me up and bring me back to the bar to have fun with everyone else? #
  • 04:51 I just realized I will not get my elf costume until after Christmas:( Oh well I'm still making a late video up in that thing! #
  • 23:27 I love when people try to insult me by calling me an attention whore or a camwhore... Um yeah dude, I know I am and YOU are paying for it:) #
  • 23:41 I am having a site makeover "telethon": #
  • 01:01 Christmas/Bah Humbug show is now in effect! Don't miss out holmes! #