Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:41 I totally got caught up on my emails today. Fuck yeah! I have been so backed up from this homeless bullshit. #
  • 06:11 Steve you make me feel fucking retarded like I am just some idiot running through life high on crack. #
  • 06:31 I hope Steve can find my keys somewhere in his car so I can go get my meds tomorrow! #
  • 19:46 I'm up and going to get even MORE stuff accomplished today. I might even find my keys :) #
  • 20:22 My grandma won't come over to Steve's house bc she is affraid his parents or landlord may see her and find out I'm black. WTF!? #
  • 20:59 I LOVE Public Image Ltd. Do you? #
  • 22:33 My awesome shirt I bought for St. P's day is at home and I can't get in! Patsy brought me some packages from amazon though! #
  • 23:42 Some people online are so fucking pityful. How do they really exist? #
  • 23:56 Does anyone want to go out tonight? I can try to um show my bruises as my green even if they are more purple. #
  • 00:00 Come holla at cha gal! www.justin.tv/clubmix666?87 #
  • 00:08 Oh wait I forgot my grandma brought me a cell phone... Hmmmm... I am "with it" now. #
  • 00:49 HEEEEY! Tonight's member show is about to take place in 12 minutes! Be there! www.undressjess.com #
  • 02:20 I used to blush a lot in high school. It's happening again:( #
  • 02:22 I am editing a site video that I took when I had my last weave before it fucked up. It was so pretty :( #
  • 02:31 I just realized I am blushing editing this nekked booty dance video of mine! #
  • 02:40 @bellabellini Nope. Why do you ask? #
  • 02:40 @icammodel Good! I'm glad! #