Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 05:16 I am going to go out for just a minute. My head feels funny. Alcohol withdrawal? #
  • 07:51 Does anyone know how much Seroquel costs without insurance? #
  • 08:37 Say something! Do something! Hurt people! #
  • 17:54 Music doesn't travel well... from relationship to relationship. #
  • 18:21 I am out of my Celexa and Seroquel. Things should get pretty interesting now. #
  • 18:23 I have smart people dreams and it sucks. I woke up choking the bed last night. #
  • 20:14 Boon is going to die in this episode:( I have seen it before. #
  • 21:21 I'm thinking of getting an HDmino Flip Cam... Should I do it? #
  • 21:27 Ok I need to stop online stalking and get busy... Starting NOW! #
  • 23:19 Buying myself gifts makes me feel good. I still didn;t get the HD Fip though... #
  • 00:51 @toritos Hahaha. I laugh only because I know this feeling and right now feel the same way. #
  • 00:52 DUUUUUUUUUDE! My members show tonight is going to be in 8 minutes! www.undressjess.com #
  • 02:06 My head hurts like HELLA! #
  • 02:09 @icammodel Well I doubt I would even zoom with it cause I would pretty much just be using it to make videos for my site... #
  • 02:23 I never get headaches like EVER. So having this one sucks. #
  • 02:35 What is an image hoster that won't delete my pics for having nudity or my url on them? Flickr is not one of them, they deleted my frien ... #