Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back on the Chain Gang!

Hey! Good news! Ok and some bad...

As most of you know from following my twitter I have basically been homeless since about a week ago when my electricity was turned off due to my landlord not paying on it for MONTHS. I had no clue this was going on and the only reason I found out there was an issue with my housing situation was due to me complaining to my landlord about my heat being broken. At that time she alerted me that the place was being foreclosed upon. However I found the place for sale by searching my address on the internet:

I don't feel weird about releasing my address at this point as I no longer stay there and I am staying with Steve while looking for a new place.

The search in finding a new place is going well... shittily because I was evicted from my last place before the one listed above. Also I have a ton of loans that have defaulted from my college days. I owe more than 30,000 in college loans and because of this my credit is obviously shitty. Another thing is I don't know what exactly to put on my apartment applications because i do work in the adult industry but I live in the Bible belt:(

If I had any good credit I would love to buy the house I was living in and rent out the other rooms and there was even talk about renting out to all attractive girls my age and setting up a voyeur house which would be an amazing business move as well as a great idea on how to keep my amazing place, but it just can;t be unless someone randomly buys the house for me and allows me to pay them back slowly by renting out the rooms or with the money the business would make. But I can't expect anyone to do that for me.

So the good news that I am happy to report is that I will have my internet up here at Steve's house on Saturday so I can't wait to be able to put up a few cams here until I can get them all up again at my new place. I will also be able to offer my members shows nightly once again on the nights that Steve is working so that's pretty cool. Also he works pretty much every day until 11:30pm so we'll have plenty of time for them!

On Saturday if the internet is set up as it is supposed to be I will offer a two hour members show for the site here via two of my networks and I will offer privates at a very inexpensive rate afterwords as a gift to those of you that have been so patient with my issues I have been having. i will announce those times for those shows at a later date closer to Saturday!

Thanks for sticking with me through all of this. It means more to me than you will ever know!