Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cam Girls: Can I get a witness?

Seriously. WTF?!
Ok so basically I guess I am a “cam girl” even though I hate that term I do have to admit webcams are a huge part of my life and even my website. I have spy cams on me 24/7 and yes those are technically webcams. I also do interactive shows with my members for an hour every night, sometimes twice a night and I use different cam networks to do that. Some pay me and some do not but the money is good and the exposure is key.
On one of these networks, one that pays me they pay me $100 bucks to do my hour long members show and afterwards I have to do an hour of free chat/private shows. I suck extremely badly at getting these privates. When I did individual cam shows over yahoo on a regular basis I did EXTREMELY well but the show was planned and ordered before I would even open my cam. I didn’t do previews, the guys knew what I looked like which is why they contacted me in the first place. I still do these a few times a week but instead of hanging out on yahoo like I used to and taking shows I USUALLY have the person schedule the show AND pay for it 24 hrs to a week in advance.
The difference is that on this network/site I am just sitting there on cam while people come into my chat room see me and decide to go private or not. I have watched other girls in the free chat area and they totally are busting their asses wearing hardly anything and basically “working” for zero money, however this is what is expected. I will hang out in maybe a t-shirt and undies and chat and I guarantee I have %100 percent more entertaining conversation, I am hotter than most of these girls and (here comes my ego..) I am more intelligent than these girls but I get NO shows. I even do these chats like at half of the price I charge per minute for my regular scheduled shows on yahoo or msn or whatever as like a promotion.
I rarely get any shows because I don’t fucking flounce around in my undies… I mean isn’t the whole idea of a "show" centered around a slow and enticing strip tease? If I start in my damn underwear where is the mystery or the sex appeal in a slow sexy strip tease? Also these sites like this take more than half of your percentage that you are making per minute leaving you JACK and because of that I won’t offer any masturbation or toys shows. I am not going to plow my sensitive flower for fucking less than a buck per minute and the sad thing is that there poor girls from other countries WILL eagerly fist their own asses (I have SEEN it!) for this ungodly demeaningly low price. I just can’t do it.
People say I am standoffish and I turn guys off when I don’t giggle and oblige any and all requests that get thrown at me in these chat rooms or sometimes even in my site cam shows. I am NOT going to misrepresent myself. I built my site around my own interests and my real personality. I enjoy being an exhibitionist and showing off and guys drooling over me but I am not stupid, a whore or going to pretend that I am.
As you can probably notice, this is slowly driving me crazy. I am a smart fun and attractive girl but I guess that isn’t hot unless I pretend to be a cum guzzling whore with crumbs in her head. I do like doing really sexually “nasty” things like uh swallowing cum and being fucked in my ass and I will talk to you about it if you ask but I am NOT going to pretend I am being taken advantage of or that I am an idiot, it’s just not going to happen. If this makes me unmarketable then so be it. Fuck you; I do what I want when I want.
If you can respect me and want to enjoy a sexy nude strip tease show at a discounted rate at $1.99/min then you can find me on usually during Wednesdays from 8-9pm or Sunday from 9-10pm CST.
The end.