Saturday, May 2, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:05 Man! Does Hustler Lingerie run small or something? I bought this skirt in a small and the damn thing cuts off my circulation! #
  • 08:01 I drank a beer tonight. Only one but I am going to go ahead and blame this on me being just another Laura Palmer. #
  • 08:03 @SableSnow It would be super hot if it didn't make me look like Chris Farley:( #
  • 13:26 All boys end up marrying their mothers. It's a fact. #
  • 13:40 @_Uggo It was only a beer and it didn't feel very nice in my belly. I downed it out with water when I got home as well. #
  • 14:06 @roycocup Did you just call me a bitch? What the hell is an emotional click? #
  • 14:34 @mvifquain You gotta find someone like your mum! #
  • 14:35 Did I ever mention how well I do not sleep without my seroquel and how difficult my health clinic makes it for me to actually have? #
  • 16:19 WTF, someone fucking stole like half a bottle of my adderal and if I can't get more for the month I am fucking screwed. #
  • 17:20 To whoever stole my meds... fuck you. Do you not realize I am dealing with a ton of shit and I need to to be able to fucking function? ... #
  • 17:24 @whatsdafus I have one pill left. This fucking blows. #
  • 17:26 @whatsdafus Oh in 15 fucking days. #
  • 17:34 @whatsdafus I noticed a few days they were low but didn't think anything of it until I realized I only had a days worth left today. #
  • 17:35 @DustinEwers Do you live anywhere near me? #
  • 17:36 @CatalinaLoves Eh, I had one beer last night but didn't enjoy it in the least. I won't have anymore for awhile. #
  • 18:33 @CatalinaLoves Yeah I am not totally sure who took them but I have an idea. People fucking suck. #
  • 20:22 If I am mailing a letter to Canada do I need extra stamps? #
  • 22:34 @KaylaWeezey Ok it's just a regular envelope and where do I get a stamp like that? I have no clue. #
  • 22:39 My hair is a fucking mess and I really don't feel like fucking with it but I need to record a video tonight for the contest ... #
  • 22:46 There is a sequel to Donnie Darko? Should they have done that? #
  • 22:48 Could one of my friends really steal my medication? I mean there is no way I could have accidentally taken 4 instead of 2 adderal a day ... #
  • 23:17 I really love it when my kittens sleep on me. They make me want to magically become a kitten. #
  • 23:22 I am going to lay down for ten minutes and then get up and style my nappy hair for my first of TWO hr long members shows I am doing toni ... #
  • 00:01 I am live in my first member chat for the evening! Will be here for the next hr! Next show: 9pm CST! #
  • 01:09 Doing extra super economy friendly chats again tonight right now! For the next um hour! #
  • 01:46 Still doing privates for 15 more minutes but I am canceling my other chat tonight at 9pm, without my meds I feel li ... #
  • 02:03 Well I canceled my 9pm show but I still need to get off cause I didn't have time to in my last private session:( Then I am gonna pick u ... #