Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:28 Did you guys like the new vid I posted on tonight? I am gonna make a teaser of it and post it a few places tonight as well! #
  • 04:51 I need someone to design me a square UndressJess logo to use for various things... Who wants to help me? Week long site pass as reward! #
  • 05:33 I do not feel well at all like all of a sudden. It's good I didn;t drink tonight or I would be puking up my guts... #
  • 05:47 12seconds - I feel like total shit today... #
  • 07:17 If you want to regain my trust blaming me for your infidelities is not the best way to go about it... #
  • 07:19 If you buy this and have it sent to me I'll give you a month's access to! Email me [email protected] #
  • 08:18 I'm too romantic for my own good so if you ever get to fuck me plan on marring me the next weekend. Thems the rules! #
  • 09:38 I'm thinking about not auditioning for the burlesque troupe. I'm pretty sure none of the current members want me to be apart of it anyhow. #
  • 09:39 ...and why would I want to put my heart into something where I am not welcome. That won't make, making/sharing art enjoyable in the least. #
  • 09:51 I don't want to go to an audition and bare my soul showing a piece I created w/love to people that don't except me for me, that's depressing #
  • 09:52 But on the other hand I REALLY want to be able to work/share my artistry with others in a more social way. I love dance and performance. #
  • 09:54 I feel like everyone in this town judges me for the stereotype of who they think I might be and it really breaks my heart. #
  • 10:01 I'm terrified I will make a fool out of myself by bastardizing what is honestly sacred to me. I just can't do that to myself or my art. #
  • 10:05 I am confused, upset, scared, hurt, excited, creative, desperate and crying mess. I'm lonely and I wanted to make new creative friends. #
  • 10:06 Because of who I was in the past mixed with ideas folks have about me that aren't true in the least I can only fail. I cannot do right. #
  • 10:07 I hate letting other people effect me in any way so I feel really fucking stupid to even care or to have desired to be apart of something. #
  • 10:13 I honestly have no real basis for any of these thoughts, these are just my own insecurities/fears talking... And I am %100 sober:) #
  • 10:15 Christmas can never come too early! in 187 days on Wednesday Dec 25, 2009 So send me some love. See my wishlist @ #
  • 17:06 I really want this pendant but I have no way of getting paypal! Buy it for me and get a month pass to! #
  • 17:24 Natacha Atlas is my shit! #
  • 18:53 Buy me the purse organizer and get a month pass to! #
  • 19:30 How much should I charge to do a whole head of dreads on a boy with longer hair? Not salon prices, I mean this is my buddy here... #
  • 20:27 The kind of dude that freaks out and calls you names because you aren't paying enough attention him is the type that will murder you. FYI. #
  • 21:42 I had no IDEA how long these fucking lights are that I am putting up right now... I am actually sweating. #
  • 21:44 Here is a short from yesterdays video I posted on the site... I really like it! #
  • 23:18 Damnit! I really need to finish hanging these fucking lights! Grrrr! #
  • 00:55 I got those god damned lights hung right in time to show up at my Truth or Dare: Trivia Show looking sweaty and hot:( #
  • 02:18 Want to be sleazy with the homie ? Heck yeah! You love my trashy ways! #
  • 02:38 Come chat with me! I'm bored and lonely:( #
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