Monday, July 27, 2009

I've been down and out.

I have no fucking clue what the hell was my problem today. First of all I slept all fucking day and didn't get to go and take my grandma out to eat and shop with the winning from that contest I participated in. She didn't show up here until 3pm anyways and that wouldn't have gave us much time to do much anyways. I am going to make a MONSTER of an effort to get up at noon tomorrow and possibly harass her into being here and ready by 1pm so we can have a good time. I also need to stop down at the clinic and order my damn seroquel so I can fucking sleep when I want to again... meaning at night.

Near the time I was SUPPOSED to do my members show tonight I had some type of attack and sat and cried in my kitchen for awhile. I called everyone I knew even people I am not sure care for me all that much trying to find someone to fucking listen to me and care. Dawn talked me down out of my nutty mood and Mo ended up coming over and played wii cheer for awhile with me. “See!”, I tell myself... “I have friends!”

I posted 2 videos on my clips4sale page today...
Both of which are the two most recent updates from my page.

One is this little booty popping strip tease in fabulous 3D. I flipping love that 3D cam but I can't find the damn thing anywhere right now, though I have a feeling it's probably shoved under my bed somewhere...

The other video is my belly dance effort. I am actually really interested and always have been in belly dance. Of course I have never taken a class and I have no fucking clue what I am doing here, but I think I gave it a good try:

I actually even blew 100 bucks ordering different “how to” belly dance dvd's from amazon tonight. I figured shopping might cheer me up a little plus you know being active is usually a good idea when trying to combat the blues. Ha, maybe if I get pretty good I will make more belly dance videos! I don't know if people are interested in that but it IS listed as a fetish category on clips4sale!

Anyways, I am going to lay in bed and hope I fall asleep now so I can hopefully wake up at a decent time tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

Of course you have friends!

you're always welcome to call me if you need to vent.

In regards to belly dancing a lady I knew who was really amazing at it said that she got really good by imagining she had a tea bag attatched to each hip and she'd slowly dunk each one after the other while she was doing dishes or something.

Zveshi said...

for the belly dance or any other how to video, I would check youtube first :p
If you ever need to talk, you know you can reach my on seesmic. Or even skype ^_^

UndressJess said...

Pug that's an interesting way to think about it! Dunking tea bags! Also Zveshi I have checked out youtube there was lots of stuff there but I dunno I just want to hold onto the video ha... I feel like I would learn better that way.

Unknown said...

The second video looks more like ...flamenco dancing? Belly dancing is about the slow, sensual rolling of the hips and torso, as well as the very quick gyrations.
What really makes it fun is the jingle wrap.

Good luck with your dancing conquest!