Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is my newest favoritest set on undressjess.com yet!

I really LOVE this set! I loved fucking taking it and making a huge mess and it's the largest set I have to date on undressjess.com!

I usually do smaller sets... I dunno maybe I just get bored with just one theme? But this was a set I had envisioned for months before finally getting to shoot it. Mike (my photographer) and I got drunk and has some really great conversations while taking this and usually we just shoot poses but he just shot away the whole time I was painting and I think it made well for some great candid type images.

This was a set I dedicated to my photographer friend Scott Gerth who passed away from cancer. he was also a great friend of Mike and really how I found Mike as a photographer and friend in the first place!

I hope you enjoy this HUGE awesome set. It's made up of over 180 images!


Unknown said...

VERY cool photo set. Lookin hot as always. :)

UndressJess said...


Mark Farinella said...

Jessica, you are something else

Unknown said...

Awesome set, and I love the new hair you're rocking! :)

Violet Sin said...

Wow, those are beautiful pics. :)