Friday, August 21, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:26 The withdrawals are back and how weird is that considering I haven't had a drop of Celexa in maybe 3 days? #
  • 04:47 I am not feeling super well. Do any of my buddies in my area have a dvd I could borrow to veg out and watch with my animal friends? #
  • 09:34 I want to move. If not OUT of this bullshit town, at least in another part of it that I can avoid the bullshit that exists in this area. #
  • 10:01 Wait! I think I have a case of "the stupid". #
  • 21:08 I am a mega bitch when I wake up so watch the FUCK OUT! #
  • 21:19 I a m fucking full of range right now. I need a constant supply of alcohol on tap up in here... up in here. #
  • 23:04 My poop is sick!!!!!!!! #
  • 23:14 Two new pairs of jeans in a bigger size arrived at my house today. Oh and they STILL don't fit. Yet again... #
  • 23:17 If you could get drunk with any celebrity, who would you pick and why? I woulf pick Margaret Cho cause we would be a hilarious duo. #
  • 23:49 I am updating my spy cam laptops so the spy cams will be down for a little while but back up very soon! #
  • 00:00 This is why I want to hang out with Margaret Cho. I'd pro bably have a heart attack/die at the chance to see her live! #
  • 00:05 I am live in tonight's members show on and remember I am doing two hours of private shows after chat special for you! #
  • 01:05 My boobie is hurting for some reason:( Come hang out with me and cheer it up! #
  • 01:17 I have a weird question for you health nuts out there. I am almost done with my herbal cleanse and it seems like I am retainling water... #
  • 01:17 Also it seems like I have gained the bulk of this weight during the period of doing this cleanse, do you think it' s possible that... #
  • 01:18 ...doing this herbal cleanse is actually slowing down my metabolism and/or making me retain water? Because I thought I would lose weight? #
  • 02:03 I feel like mega shit right now and my brain isn't thinking and I fucking wish I never started taking drugs for my mental illness. #
  • 02:07 For those of you wondering about my spy cams. I am still getting to them... #
  • 02:51 Wanna see my real hair sans the hair pieces and/or weaves? Ha it's an afro! #
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