Thursday, August 27, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:16 I went and had a few beers after going to the co-op. I'm pretty stoked that I know that place is so near to me now that I have been there. #
  • 04:36 It smells like a fucking bathtub fart in here. I wish I had more booze but like here at my house and not at a fucking bar. #
  • 08:57 Dude, being sick is totally lame. I would cut off the tip of my left pinky to never be sick again... even probably the whole pinky. #
  • 09:25 I need to start getting like a ton of white shirts and black pants if I plan on going back to beauty school at the end of October... #
  • 10:11 I just took some Tylenol. I really hope it helps me g et back to sleep or I am going to miss the stupid UPS man again in the damned morning! #
  • 11:52 I have to much drainage in my nose and throat to be able to fucking sleep. But I'm so tired! All I want to do it eat too, I'll diet tomo ... #
  • 11:54 My Digital Harinezumi Video Camera shipped today from Urban Outfitters! I am so stoked about this damn thing! #
  • 12:22 I just ate the rest of my pizza leftovers and then downed two more melatonin pills. I will get sleep if it's the last fucking thing I do. #
  • 13:02 Gah... I can't believe I ate the damn rest of that stupid pizza. I hate myself. I have to go cry in a corner now. #
  • 13:19 I wish I would have been a girl scout. But I was too cool for that and now they are too cool for me:( #
  • 17:58 Jeb's new toys and flea control stuff got here today! He's certainly a happy little camper now... #
  • 18:01 I wish they made this hat for adults... #
  • 18:05 I could go as Steve for Halloween if I had this! #
  • 19:09 For each item you buy off of my clothes for beauty school wishlist I will grant you a month access to! #
  • 20:07 Cristine, the coolest chef in town sent me some chicken soup via Kelley that I am going to warm up now and sip to soothe my sore throat! #
  • 20:44 I am watching the "Yoga for Indie Rockers" DVD and like this one girl is supposed to be advanced but always has a bent knee:( ANNOYING! #
  • 21:27 I tried to return some phone calls about my meds and stuff but thier damn system was down so I have to just fucking call back tomorrow:( #
  • 21:33 I have to go back to sleep now. Jeb told me this is ok because I got him "Mellow Mutt" chicken strip treats today and he wants to snuggle! #< /a>
  • 02:18 This is probably not even necessary to post but I cancelled my chat tonight on due to me dying of the flu. Chicken soup me? #
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