Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:06 Well crapola! Spunky forgot to add me onto the schedule for this month so I just showed up to an empty house! :( #
  • 03:07 I had my bath water run and my rubber decice laid out and everything and I already canceled my show for my site and can't undo it! MAN! #
  • 03:18 Oh well, this will give me more time to pimp my girlfriend's contest! Go vote for her and tell your buddies to as well! #
  • 03:55 Are you voting? Cause we have like 100 votes to go and only 1 hour! But you get to see her FREE sexy booty video! RT! #
  • 04:43 OMGZ! We only have 20 more mins to vote! So plz RT and share the free sexy contest video while you still can! AND VOTE! #
  • 05:06 My friend didn't end up winning but she thanks all of you for helping her out! We will have a another chance next week to get her the win! #
  • 05:17 I know my chicken! You got to know your chicken! #
  • 05:27 I favorited a YouTube video -- Cibo Matto "Know Your Chicken" live on Squirt TV #
  • 05:39 I favorited a YouTube video -- MGMT - Time To Pretend #
  • 05:47 I really really really hate any type of physical activity. Except dance, of course. #
  • 06:33 Of the cheddar biscuits, I am a fan! #
  • 07:17 Me gustarĂ­a disfrutar de penetrar el ano con un pepino de! #
  • 08:08 Igual para ti amor qe los angeles te protejan! Tener un buen descanso esta noche! (I have discovered google translate. Sue me!) #
  • 11:56 God fucking damn it Steve, you ruin EVERYTHING, Including my life. Yes... CLASSY. #
  • 19:35 Drinking and tweeting do NOT mix. Let this be a warning to you future Jessica! #
  • 22:27 I feel like shit today... Oh well better get ready for my members show! (Barf.) #
  • 22:50 I have a members show on my site using the camz network in about an hour and I cant for the life of me figure out how to use the new system! #
  • 00:02 Yay! I finally got the new camz admin working! I'm loggiong into my members show on as we speak! #
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