Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:07 I put the new "shakinit" booty popping vid on my clips4sale store for you guys that are all about collecting my videos! #
  • 03:18 I am fucking pissed at Amazon. I ordered some shit 15 days ago and NOW they charge me for it and I thought they took it out already... #
  • 03:19 So now there isn't enough funds on my fucking prepay card and they keep trying to charge it and the card doesn't drop those charges... #
  • 03:20 That they are trying to make until at least a month after they have been made so they are tying up my account and charging me extra fees.WTF #
  • 03: 26 Hey someone was saying that the "LivingRoom" streaming cam wasn't opening for them... I fixed it! :) Love me. #
  • 03:30 I'd really like to get my hair color and new weave started tonight but I don't have it in me. & You might as well forget about me cleaning! #
  • 03:40 Do you know anyone selling a computer? I really need a new one to run maybe 4 more spy cams on. The 2 I usually run from here and 2 more? #
  • 09:42 I really hoped that you "got it" tonight, but maybe you never will. I'm really sorry. I really do love you. #
  • 17:13 I have to go get a pap in less than 2 hours and I am pretty sure I am still drunk from last night. I hope my vag doesn't smell like rum. #
  • 17:54 I am downloading the new Digsby! It supports myspace IM now! You should download it too! #
  • 17:55 Hahaha! Oh snap I just promoted digsby for free and then I realized I could sign up to be paid to promo it. Well I just lost out on $$$!!! #
  • 18:09 Digsby is taking an awful long time to load my myspace im contacts... I really hope it's not trying to like load ALL of my friends on there. #
  • 20:42 Does anyone know anyone in the area that is selling a computer? I needs one! Something basic that will run maybe 4 more spy cams... #
  • 20:44 Is anyone else having a hard time getting digsby to load the new myspace IM add on? Mine has been trying to connect for hours. #
  • 22:38 I want someone to come and eat dinner with me! We could order chinese or sushi! Are you in? #
  • 23:05 I ordered the chinese food. My computer is acting weird so I am going to take a break and restart it while I walk the dogster. #
  • 00:46 I'm totally being lame and unproductive and watching Bones. Thi s is my favorite thing to do. #
  • 01:14 Yo members of my! Read my new members only blog entry please:) Smooches! #
  • 02:09 - No, for real tho! #
  • 02:14 So you are probably wondering why I have a bag on my head... Well silly, this is how a ho colors her hair at home! #
  • 02:28 Why doesn't Halle Berry ever age? I mean is she like from mars or something? #
  • 02:47 I better go rince this damn color out of hair before it burns off my scalp! I'm so damned lazy tonight. #
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