Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 20:19 I'm so FUCKING PISSED at my dog right now that I could possibly kill him. #
  • 20:31 I'm never drinking again. Please remind me of this next time I say that having a drink seems like a good idea. #
  • 20:42 I kind of want to order a pizza but I am concerned I may just vomit it back up. #
  • 21:40 I ordered some CHICKEN WINGS! And I'm watching YOUTUBE! Yay! #
  • 02:07 I have a big hole in my pants and I keep randomly fingering my vah jay jay just cause I can. This is not even sexual for me like at all. #
  • 02:50 I have a show in 10 minutes for the spunky network and then after that I will be having my show on for tonight. I'm sleepy:( #
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secretlief said...

how do you become a part of members only...?

UndressJess said...

WEll you join my site!