Monday, September 21, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:20 Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #
  • 03:26 I made you a video blog! Ok I really just made it for me... #
  • 04:21 I rewired all of my cams in the back of the house and I am trying to get them back up but the HP isn't recognizing all of them now:( #
  • 04:38 I think all of the spy cams are back up now, I don't know what they were doing before but they seem to be running now! Let me know if not! #
  • 05:28 I'm kind of pissed off that I am always so alone and that no one ever tries to contact me to see what I am u p to. That sucks. #
  • 06:20 I am gonna go to bed. I'll finish editing that new video for my shakinit page and the pro photos for in the morning. Nighty! #
  • 09:14 I'm not in bed yet since I decided to edit that video and I posted it. I'll let you know when the teaser is up! I may order cable tomorrow. #
  • 20:59 I hate when I first wake up and people want to call and give me a list of shit to do when I am not even fucking all the way awake yet. #
  • 21:01 BTW homeies, my teaser from that hot shakinit video I made is up now... Go peep that shit! #
  • 21:17 My direct deposit today was um one 6th of what it was really supposed to be as well. I think I should just go back to bed. Fuck this shit. #
  • 21:26 Hey Twitter peeps! Please don't send me a DM asking me a question if you are just going to unfollow me afterward. I can't message you back! #
  • 21:42 My direct deposit has been fixed! Yay for quick service! #
  • 23:04 OMG! I have the cramps. I need to wet my hair down so it will dry and I can FINALLY glue in my new weave. #
  • 23:30 This is my new Jam for the upcoming Christmas season... #
  • 23:34 Find me a good cheap printer/scanner on amazon and link it to me please. I need this BAD. #
  • 23:36 I'm gonna jump in the bath and wash down my hair again to put in my extensions... I have um basically 4 and a half hours to get this done! #
  • 23:53 Just an FYI to the home skillets... I'm getting in the bath now if you wanna watch me on spy cam! #
  • 00:17 Oh snap Heroes is on. I am so over this show considering they have never lived up to the first season yet here I am... #
  • 00:20 Should sexy stuff look like it hurts? NO! Then why do sites lik e this exist? Ouch! #
  • 00:29 Oh snap! The girl from Californication is on Heroes now! (She get's on my last damned nerve...) #
  • 00:37 What celebrity do you think had the biggest influence on your personality in your formative years? Mine was Jenny McCarthy, fo sho! #
  • 00:41 Claire Bennet has a hot ass. Has she always been so hot? I think I might be sexually frustrated at this point... #
  • 01:13 Hey I updated my clips4sale store to include my latest video updates on AND on my shakinit page!< /a> LOOK! #
  • 02:08 Who is your favorite Heroes character? Mine is dead... It was Nikki/Jessica. But my second is Hiro! #
  • 02:09 Yo,! Go read my members only blog now plz:) And enjoy the view of me gluing hair to my head! #
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