Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:19 OMG! This movie looks amazing, I really want to see it. #
  • 03:53 I just tore my house up looking for my new jeans, but you'll be happy to know I finally found them. They fell behind the mit chair. #
  • 08:09 Gross. That's all I have to say about your new life. Gross. #
  • 08:21 Oh I guess anything said will ring true and offensive when it has the tooth of truth? Oh snap! #
  • 21:10 I'm a bitch sure but I really and seriously wish I never met you. You make me want to die when I see you and you treat me like shit. #
  • 21:37 I just woke up and already I feel swamped with responsibility. It's a rough life for an indie pornographer! #
  • 22:11 I got three packages from my wishlist today that I am about to open! Whoot! #
  • 22:31 Margaret Cho is my fucking hero! I have on "I'm The One That I Want" while getting my work done! #
  • 23:08 I just realized I accidentally recorded a video for 20 fucking hours. That's cool... #
  • 23:38 I'm going to order some Chinese food. What should I order? #
  • 23:49 Foo is ordered and on the way! I am going to Veg out a nd and watch some more Margaret Cho for now and get back to work after I eat! #
  • 00:14 Where the hell is my chinese food? I'm impatient today and I'm highly annoyed by everything so WATCH OUT FUCKERS! #
  • 00:23 Oh WTF I ordered a printer and ink but totally forgot to get fucking paper. GREAT. #
  • 00:34 Ok I ordered my fucking food like an hour ago... WTF!? I'm a good customer, damn it! #
  • 00:56 Yay! Food is here! And it better still be hot! #
  • 01:36 Members please be my little lambs and go check out the members only blog post inside of! K thx homies! #
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