Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:24 Doing my 3D member chat on! It's official 3D day! #
  • 04:12 Yay! My Dame of the Dead costume was bought along w/ the panties and mask to go with! I'm gonna wear this on actual Halloween! Thanks! #
  • 04:13 I'd thank you with your name on twitter but I don't want to embarrass you! ;) #
  • 04:15 But homies, I still need the Candy Corn costume for the actual contest I am in and any others for Halloween themed shows! #
  • 04:57 My new 3D ASS POPPING video from my shakinit page is now available to buy as an individual clip download in my C4S store! #
  • 05:11 The candy corn witch costume from my wishlist has been bought for me to wear in my contest! Thanks so much, Tennist6p! #
  • 05:59 This book is amazing and the author lives near me, I'm so glad they are making Torture The Artist into a MOVIE! #
  • 06:47 I'm gone with what aI wanted to accomplish tonight, which wasn't much. I'm trying not to overwhelm myself, but now I wish I had a beer:( #
  • 09:19 I am so sensitive tonight. I am crying all over the place. Thanks dude. I'me a cow. Totally. #
  • 09:35 I'm better now so no worries. I was mainly upset about someone I saw out tonight & what they said to me. I'll post a blog about it tomorrow! #
  • 09:44 Um, I love all Janis Joplin music. Just saying. I get it. #
  • 09:48 I have been failing at spelling my twitter and status updates correctly in the last 5 hours. I apologize! #
  • 09:50 I think you know who this is supposed to go to... #
  • 10:24 I love wearing my ex boyfriends' (plural) baller shorts to bed! They feel so smooth on my sweet ass;) #
  • 10:28 I'm about to eat some microwaved eggrolls and go to sleep! Yay! #
  • 10:44 Did the guy who played Al Bundy play on any other tv show or movie ever? I mean he was the star or Married With Children! #
  • 10:49 I have never done my own laundry in my life! Is that wierd? Why should I? As long as my parents/grandparents are alive they should do it! #
  • 10:54 When I grow up I want to be a house wife with a house KEEPER. Lazy and taken care of... My biggest dream! #
  • 16:36 Although you may be rather reclusive today, you're not likely ... More for Aquarius #< /li>
  • 21:17 I just woke up from a dream about going to the flea market with all of my old high school friends! #
  • 22:02 I flipping love the Tyra show. I really wish my grandma hadn't messed up me going on there last year:( #
  • 22:12 This is the American Girl HOMELESS doll. She is however NOT available on the AG site. Lame! #
  • 22:13 I found it! You just can't get to her from the main page of all the dolls! #
  • 00:50 I have a bathtime show in ten minutes on! I better go run the water! Weeeee! #
  • 00:56 After my show in an hour I am going to make some yummy hot chocolate! It's going to be epic. I'm making it on the stove and everything! #
  • 01:02 Guess where I stole the name 2 my blog EON MCKAI! & now he has another 1! Art School Girls Are Easy! #
  • 01:06 Ok homies! Come chill with me in the tub! I am starting my Tubby Time Bath Show on NOW! #
  • 02:12 Making hot chocolate and taking shows! #
  • 02:13 Cum get you some! #
  • 02:44 Did you know the guy who plays Jackson on Hannah Montana is 32 years old playing a 17 year old? WTF is his secret? #
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