Saturday, October 31, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:55 I am so fucking upset that this all had to happen at my favorite time of the year!!! #
  • 04:33 This guy is a fucking idiot to say the least... #
  • 05:00 Since I colored my hair back blond, I need some hair treatments that the stroke has made me not be able to afford, HELP? #
  • 06:53 I just smoked weed in the first time in forever. Oh and it making me have a panic attact. I thought I was having another stroke. Cool. #
  • 08:34 OMG!! Look at these awesome, interesting and artsy coloring books on my wish list! Hint, hint, PLEASE! (New hobby!) #
  • 18:10 My dog totally shit the floor this morning because he has the runs from my grandma feeding him CAT FOOD the whole time I was gone. ANGERED! #
  • 18:19 I'm so bummed out that it's my fav holiday of the year and I am not supposed to go out really. I can only have like two drinks at a time! #
  • 18:24 I wish I could find a lighter to light some incense to help unstinkafy this place:( #
  • 20:09 Happy Halloween everyone! Have an extra good time for me since I can't have fun since I had a stupid stroke:( #
  • 20:39 I'm going to slowly start doing my daily members shows on my site, starting again tomorrow! Are you excited? #
  • 21:56 I bought these two palettes before I got sick and they were here when I got back from the hospital stay... Amazing! #
  • 00:14 I'm about to take a bath and think about getting dressed up and going to someones house for the holiday. It's a full moon! Weee! #
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