Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 10:03 I just posted a new video blog update about me and the stroke and everything on youtube! #
  • 10:24 I really still need some of there awesome treatment for my NEW blond hair! I damaged it:( Help and get me some treats? #
  • 21:31 Guess what? All 16 spy cams are back up now & two more will be coming soon in a few days! Possibly more! (If you buy me new cams and cords:) #
  • 21:33 That's means there are 16 27/4 spy cams back up on! Buy me more web cams and cords to add more! #< /a>
  • 21:44 What time is it supposed to be in central time right now and what time is it in eastern time? #
  • 22:07 I have my 1st members show (on in a few whole weeks in about 4 hour hours so I am going to lay down & take a nap for a bit! #
  • 00:08 I'm back up and awake now! About to start eating dinner and getting ready for tonight's show! I'm a little nervous:( #
  • 02:06 I'm in my first member's show since my stroke on right NOW! Come say "Hi"! #
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