Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:31 I had about a 2 hour nap and then had a belly dancing lesson with my neighbor. I can't seem to find my 3D cam for tonight's webcam show! #
  • 03:37 Can anyone suggest a pair of earphones that stay on well and last through daily use? The ones I usually get break within 6 months:( #
  • 03:52 My 3D show is in 10 minutes on and I STILL can't find the 3D cam:( Let me look in the bedroom! #
  • 06:58 I am foiling copper red low lights into my newly strawberry blond hair. Neat huh? I have new weave hair to match it this way:) #
  • 07:05 I found the earphones that I want! If you get them for me I will give you a WHOLE 4 MONTH PASS to! #
  • 09:02 I rinsed the red out of my hair. It's WAY more red than I was expecting:( I was hoping for a more muted copper to match my strawberry color! #
  • 11:26 I just posted a SUPER FLIPPING HOT booty dance video on my shakinit page! Go check out the free teaser! My butt rules:) #
  • 12:11 I'm off to bed cause I have to see a brain specialist tomorrow but make sure you check out my sexy video I just posted! #
  • 17:36 Your key planet Uranus is wired today as it forms a harm onious... More for Aquarius #
  • 18:20 I need to start stretching every night. I did last night and I am delightfully sore this morning. this HAS to be good for me! #
  • 19:53 Off to the doctor I do! Be back later:) #
  • 22:52 I am going to kill my dog. He pulled down and unplugged all of my spy cams AGAIN and this time got hair dye all of my NEW pillow cases. #
  • 23:28 Wow! This set of a 100 markers and two extremely awesome coloring books arrived from my wish list today! How neat! Thanks! #
  • 00:31 My spy cams are back up after my dog unplugging them and there is a bathtub fun show on in a half hour! #
  • 01:06 The show is starting! I even got some batteries for the NEW clit stimulator I got from my wish list! Also see my new red streaks in my hair! #
  • 02:35 I need another one of those multiple plug in things. There just aren't enough sockets in the damned house! #
  • 02:50 I'm doing HALF PRICE private cam chats for the next 30 minutes! (It's 8:50pm CST NOW) On here... #
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