Friday, November 13, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 05:09 I kind of sort of pinched my nipple on totally accident just a second ago in tonight's show on I am not a fan & it hurts:( #
  • 05:15 I don't feel like I have gotten anything done today and yet I am so flipping tired. This fucking sucks dude! #
  • 05:18 Random Fast About Jess = RFAJ: I stole the sweater that I have on from a stool at a bar. The girl was on stage singing karaoke. I rule. #
  • 06:11 How long does UPS keep stuff before returning it? My grandma got a note on the 5th about them trying to deliver something & just NOW told me #
  • 06:33 What is a good thing to do your schedule on/i n with XP? I need something decent! #
  • 08:06 My internet isn't working on exactly ONE of my computers. The exact one I need to use to upload my video blog. Can the wifi card be fucked? #
  • 08:43 Well internet explorer works so I think firefox has just been corrupted. I am just going to download it again. This has happened before:( #
  • 09:18 I downloaded the newest firefox and it fixed my issue! Yay! #
  • 09:20 Where can buy Levi's that were made in the 90's? I am watching Rosanne and Darlene's jeans are ROCKIN'! #
  • 09:58 This is my favorite commercial EVER. I remember wat ching this late at night on MTV when I was like in 4th grade... #
  • 10:33 I am totally confused about what the hell is going on with my computer right now and I think I seriously fucking it up even more. #
  • 11:23 I really hope I am %100 and I don't have to go to daily doctors appointments by January so I can still go back to beauty school! #
  • 11:50 I'm feeding Jeb my left over pizza and about to go to bed. He ran out of Dog food today so this is his treat until I can get more tomorrow! #
  • 14:07 You don't like being told that you cannot do something because... More for Aquarius #
  • 20:11 I am defragging my computer and scanning it for viruses and crap. I'll update the flash and java when I get back from my blood test. Lame! #
  • 22:02 Yay! My blood is back to normal! They think the fish oil helped so thanks for suggesting that! #
  • 22:18 My main pc is still going through scans and what not. I won't be getting much work done today. I how it's all done before my show at 8pm! #
  • 23:24 I want this ring! #
  • 23:38 Hahahahaha, my new HOT ASS camming dress: (Yeah, I wish!) #
  • 00:03 FYI... Since I am still messing with my computer (trying to fix it) I am pushing tonight's members show on to 10pm CST! #
  • 00:34 I just opened my new gift for my Wii! It's a charger for my Wiimotes! Yay, wishlist! #
  • 01:18 Oh cool the show isn't rescheduled for 10pm like the director of the network said it was:( #
  • 01:18 So I have to figure out how to do a show in less than an hour with a effed up laptop! #
  • 01:30 Yay! The show is at 10pm CST as I planned! The director homie fixed it! Whoot! #
  • 02:48 My laptop has been defragging for almost 24 hours and was %32 done and then FROZE. GREAT! I have a members show still in about an hour... #
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