Saturday, November 21, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:09 I'm doing half price shows tonight! I am also selling these thongs I am wearing in tonight's shows! Check it out! #
  • 03:10 To find out all the the sites I am doing shows through tonight check out my blog! :) #
  • 03:14 Want me all to yourself? I'm online and ready for private 1on1 cam shows over at PrivateCamZ #
  • 04:46 Well that last show wore me out pretty good! I need to walk the dog and recharge! ...I'm calling "Moe tha Hoe"! What's she doing? #< /li>
  • 05:13 Moe didn't pick up:( I am pretending like I know how to cook Indian food. But I am making it up as I go! #
  • 05:49 Steel Magnolias is on! I totally want a blood red velvet armadillo cake when I get married! #
  • 06:06 I still need a new camera and camcorder! Do see what I am offering for sending me one! :) #
  • 06:19 I'm gonna add another spy cam to my site tonight. I want a total of 20 and this will make 19! Put it in the kitchen on bedroom? #
  • 08:13 Where can I find hip but affordable rubs? This one that I have sucks really effing bad... #
  • 08:52 Ooops! I meant *rugs! Sorry about that:) #
  • 08:54 Do you think taking Tonalin CLA would mess with my blood thinner? My doctor honestly didn't know... #
  • 10:49 I'm going to walk Jeb for the last time tonight and jump into bed. I have a friend coming to visit in the morning! I hope I can wake up:( #
  • 11:11 Hey adult models & cam girls! I'm looking for a place to sell my panties... Like a site, could you suggest some places? Please & thanks! :) #
  • 13:55 You are feeling on edge today and may be uneasy with other peo... More for Aquarius twit #
  • 21:26 I'm really sleepy today BUT I am extremely happy I made myself get up and listen to my buddy's story he is writing. It's really good! #
  • 21:45 I'm making garlic broccoli and mac n' cheese with sour cream. Yeah I have taste... #
  • 22:32 Girls that want Baby Alive dolls have issues to say the least. I mean who wants a doll that shits & pisses? They'll be preggo before age 15. #
  • 02:54 *Correction! "Hey there homies and members of! Please go read the members only blog entry I just posted! Thanks! :)" #
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