Monday, December 7, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:03 I just had the craziest orgasm with the most insane sex toy I have ever owned... I'd like to do that again! #
  • 03:27 Come get a show! Or just hang out with me while I am trying to get shows:) I have the tiniest thong on known to man! #
  • 04:24 I'm done with shows tonight so I have to clean this awesome crazy new toy (and pee) then Jay is coming over for a little while! Weeee! :) #
  • 05:54 The new Super Mario Bros on the Wii is amazing! Jay & I are playing it. We'll get the spy cams in there (the livingroom) back up in a min... #
  • 11:01 OMG! I finally just finished editing those photos & I am uploading them now. This SHOULD fix my rude pix embed SOON. If not, SHOOT ME! #
  • 12:24 Yay it worked! My rude pix are FINALLY back up on! I can move on to a different work type project, but not until tomorrow... #
  • 22:51 God damn it! I forgot to get fucking hair color while I was out GREAT! I'll have crazy black roots for like another fucking week. #
  • 23:07 Members of PLEASE go read the newest members ONLY blog post ASAP! Thanks dudes and dudettes:) #
  • 23:26 Who uses Digsby? I am still trying to find the link to download the BETA. Help! My myspace contacts NEVER load on the regular version... #
  • 00:28 I LOVE the song on the Jimmy Dean commercial! Have you heard it? #
  • 00:30 I found the beta tester file for Digsby FINALLY! Yay! #
  • 00:44 Is it rude or racist to say that I have always wanted to date an Indian boy? (Like from India.) It probably is but I still feel the same... #
  • 01:36 Bath time! Cum watch? ;) #
  • 02:30 Pie-in-the-sky think ing can tempt you to reach farther than us... More for Aquarius #
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