Friday, December 18, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:02 The Tubby Time Show will be 1st then I will be doing shows for 1 hour @ then the Lingerie Strip Tease Show will be at 11pm! #
  • 04:26 I am doing private shows tonight! Want to get yourself a little early xxx-mas gift? Of course you do! #
  • 04:56 I think my brain is leaking out of my nose but uh, time to play Strip Tease Vixen on in my 2nd show of the night! #
  • 07:03 I want to go do something tonight but I don't want to go by myself:( I usually do so I don't know why I just don't? #
  • 09:41 My fucking Bose earbuds just fucking broke i n my door just now... Buy me new ones: #
  • 10:01 I am so fucking pissed please get me new earbuds for x-mas! #
  • 12:31 It may feel as if you are nearing the end of the road you are ... More for Aquarius #
  • 21:47 What should I get my grandma for Christmas? #
  • 21:53 Never mind. She get's nothing. She poured out the iced coffee I was drinking and it was delicious! :( #
  • 22:31 I got my jewelry and my kimono dress in the mail today for my performance at Someplace Else on New Years Eve! Are you coming? :) #
  • 22:59 Have any of you guys ever had any hair vitamins that worked well? If so what kinds? I want long hair NOW! #
  • 23:50 What do people mix with eggnog to make it alcoholic? ...Because I only see non-alcoholic eggnog by itself in the dairy isle. #
  • 00:32 Yay! Someone very special bought me new Bose earphones for Christmas! He's already a member though so he get's a different thank you "gift"! #
  • 00:41 Time for a 20 minute nap! Then I have to get ready for tonight's Truth or Dare Trivia Show at 8pm CST! #
  • 01:11 Hahahaha! Brittney sent me a holiday card and called me "Hex Craft Satan Bitch" and my Grandma thought it was hate mail and got all scared! #
  • 01:58 Time for the show! Make sure you all are in attendance for my special HOT Truth or Dare Trivia Show on! :) #
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