Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:06 I fucking love that show Jersey Show! Anyone who says it sucks, sucks themselves. #
  • 04:32 I want to put together a dance crew and go on America's Next Dance Crew or whatever that show is called... That would rule! :) #
  • 05:09 I'm making garlic noodles with cheese, broccoli and white corn:) Yum! I'll have a bunch left over for tomorrow too! #
  • 05:24 What's the best way to meet new people that are NOT alcoholics (for the most part)? #
  • 05:33 Why does everyone have a perm in the oldest episodes of Rosanne? They are hideous! #
  • 06:27< /em> I get to see my therapist tomorrow. This is a very much needed event. So I better go to sleep soon! #
  • 06:36 Are my lights flickering in my kitchen or is it my imagination? I swear I have seen them turn off and on twice now... #
  • 07:06 I was going to bed but this Saving Grace show looks pretty awesome... I want to watch it! I'll walk Jeb and then get comfy on the couch! #
  • 07:07 Dude the fucking kitchen light just turned off and on again... Maybe the bulb is loose? #
  • 07:36 I really really really need a new living room rug. Where can I get a cheap one? I looked on Ikea but they won't ship... #
  • 12:00 Following your intuition is normally a good idea, but today yo... More for Aquarius twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=11 #
  • 17:29 Christ! I just woke up and it's fucking FREEZING in here! I can't handle this... #
  • 18:13 I'm attempting to catch up on my 1200 unread emails today while hopefully getting up some new vids on undressjess.com and my shakinit page! #
  • 18:29 Dude! My eyes-lips-face order has shipped ALREADY! I'm gonna make a youtube video talking about the products when I get them! #
  • 18:37 My grandma totally brought me some broccoli cheese soup and a subway sammich! Whoot! #
  • 19:06 I'm watching Wide Swap and this vegan lady is fucking insane. She got rid of her stove. I mean you have to have LIMITS man! #
  • 19:46 I'm off to see my therapist! I'll be back later! #
  • 21:32 I'm flipping sleepy and I just got home too from the therapist's office. I needs me a "recharge" button! #
  • 22:09 You guys gotta see this about this little girl that was missing for 18 years and was found alive on Oprah! Turn it on now! #
  • 23:49 I'm down from 1200 to 1000 unanswered emails! Go me! Now continuing... Wish me some lu ck! I need it. #
  • 00:57 I want to have a fucking awesome birthday party this year... Any idea on how to do this best? My place is out. #
  • 01:20 I'm now down to 900 emails! My goal is to get down to 600 unanswered emails by the time I go to bed tonight! #
  • 01:28 Ha! I didn't even realize I was a contestant in this contest but you could vote for me here: ping.fm/j1iBA :) #
  • 02:48 OMG! I'm down to 800 unanswered emails with only an hour & 15 minutes until tonight's 3d member show on undressjess.com! Will you be there? #
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Anonymous said...

You should recruit a willing assistant to help you out with your emails... filter out the spam... let you know which ones are important... answer emails that ask the same question over and over...

recruit a willing assistant...