Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:05 I'm naked on webcam right now! Want a show? Yes you do! #
  • 03:12 Also I am doing old fashioned cam shows via YAHOO! Check out my rates and stuff here: #
  • 03:23 Did you know ALL of my private shows through are half price for all current members of #
  • 03:50 Do people ever really meet people on like dating sites like eharmony or Or is that totally bullshit? #
  • 03:50 I'm on my free cam now! Come hang out and chat with me! #
  • 04:10 I'm considering ordering a pizza... What do you think? #
  • 04:37 I ordered meat lovers pizza! I'm craving MEAT! ;) Hehe, that sounds dirty. #
  • 04:51 WTF. #
  • 05:44 Oh now this just screams "sexy"! #
  • 07:56 WTF is happening here? #
  • 08:26 For that Willie Wonka fetish... Huge blueberry anyone? #
  • 09:04 I shit diamonds... Obviously is the message... #
  • 09:42 Jeb (my dog) and I just ran out in the snow and frolicked around for a bit. It wasn't SO bad! :) #
  • 10:23 Did you realize my BIRTHDAY is in a month from now? What should I do? I am thinking of having some type of party! #
  • 10:34 Can anyone find me a rug that's kind of like this but less than around $500? #
  • 11:40 Your dreams continue to be very active now, whether you rememb... More for Aquarius #
  • 20:29 I'm going back to trying to catch up with my emails today I am back up at 900 now. I want to get down to 200 by sleepy time tonight! #
  • 21:07 This is extremely disturbing and so open that we could all be going to JAIL! Ack! #
  • 21:21 I'm sooooo hungry! I don't wanna eat because I am waiting for my grandma to deliver me some chicken strips and she is taking FOREVER! #
  • 21:41 I j ust realized that a really sweet guy sent me an amazon gift card via email when I was in the hospital in Oct. and couldn't read! Awe! :) #
  • 22:00 Food is here! And I am down to 630 emails! Whoot! Making progress! #
  • 22:27 Please vote for me to win this awesome contest! The prize is $10,000! #
  • 22:32 I got wishlist items today! Someone got me a sub to Cosmo & I got my first issue as well as a video cam & lastly a set of letter magnets! #
  • 00:34 I'm still at 630 emails but if I read another one in the next 3 hours I will shoot myself in the head. NAP TIME! ;) #
  • 00:38 I need a new memory card for my new camera! HALP! XD!!!1! #
  • 02:33 I just ate the best 2 tacos known to man! I am restarting the rude cams guys! They will be back up in a minute! #
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