Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:10 I just got back from "Avatar" and Dawn called me and wants me to come out to 7-11 (the bar) to meet her since she just got back in town! #
  • 04:40 Well I called Dawn & told her I was taking a cab to meet her & her phone died. THEN I remembered that I totally lost my ID on New Years. #
  • 04:43 I'd stick it. #
  • 06:13 Well a certain "Michael" was supposed to call me back to maybe hang out tonight but totally stood me up! I will cut him. #
  • 06:23 Who is Miley Cyrus' mom in real life (i.e. not on "Hannah Montana")? Does anyone hav e a picture of her? #
  • 06:50 I just uploaded an exclusive HOT PIC gallery to RUDE: #
  • 06:51 My birthday is in less than a month! Want to get me something? I could really use a external hard drive! :) #
  • 07:29 I almost forgot to remind you guys to vote for me in the Miss FreeOnes contest TODAY! Remember to vote DAILY! ;) #
  • 08:32 OMG! They are doing a porn spoof of The Big Lebowski! I have been waiting for this my whole life. .. #
  • 09:20 Um... TALENT! #
  • 10:22 Sleep time! Nighty! (Tomorrow I have to see my shrink, so I have to make myself go to bed NOW!) #
  • 22:29 Damn it! I forgot to pick up more guacamole from the co-op! #
  • 22:34 These jeans are totally hot... Should I buy a pair? #
  • 23:04 Has something exploded? Like maybe the sewage plant? Cause it smells insane and it's NOT just downtown. It's ALSO on the east side as well! #< /li>
  • 23:30 I'm hungry soooo I'm gonna make a smoothie and settle down to some DVRed "Charmed". Ahhh, the life! #
  • 00:21 You know what's funny? I went to the weave/hair/Asian/beauty supply store today & they totally had pregnancy tests up at the front counter. #
  • 01:32 I fucking hate "lol". #
  • 01:44 I want a fancy rug cause the one I have now SUCKS. I like this one... #
  • 01:48 I haz a fan!!1! :D Her name iz: @Pamelduh Follow her! #
  • 02:04 Time for tonight's Sexy Bath Time Member's Sh ow on! I need you to wash my hair for me please, I has a headache:( #
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