Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:13 I'm in free chat taking shows now! Are you ready for some fun? YES YOU ARE! #
  • 03:21 I just logged on my webcam at PrivateCamZ. Come on over to chat and get a private show! #
  • 04:09 I'm about to settle down and finish my dinner! We'll maybe I'm just thirsty... Either way, I have some DVRed "Charmed" to catch up on! #
  • 07:26 Dude. I just realized it. Myspace has died. #
  • 07:58 I am in love with these things! #
  • 11:35 The same things that might have created a meltdown in your lif... More for Aquarius #
  • 21:42 I just got 2 more belly rings in the mail along with that Jenny McCarthy Wii game and the brand new scattergories game off of my wishlist! #
  • 21:53 My birthday is coming up in less than a month! You can send me gifts from my wishlist here: :) #
  • 22:16 I have a pantyhose fetish. It's true. Do you like pantyhose? ME TOO! :) #
  • 23:1 1 I just found a receipt from the bar the other day wrapped up in my change and I think I forgot to tip the bartender! I NEVER do that! #
  • 23:21 Damn it! I just called and tried to upgrade my cable and they are already fucking gone for the day! SHIT! #
  • 01:09 Ack! I always get attacked with phone calls and IMs when I am watching "Charmed". Hold on everyone until I finish this episode! #
  • 02:44 Members of please check out my NEWEST member's only blog entry! #
  • 02:47 I have a bad headache tonight:( I had shit I wanted to get done too but I don't see it happening. I will just answer some backed up emails! #
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