Monday, February 8, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:35 Damn it! I fucking screwed up my schedule and missed my member's show tonight! It was supposed to be at 9pm NOT 10pm. *Slaps forehead* :( #
  • 03:40 I'm so fucking pissed off at myself now. At least my hair color turned out nice but otherwise... FUCK! I fucking suck! :( #
  • 03:44 I'm totally bummed now & the schedule is full so I can't reset my time. I had this cool outfit picked out & everything! #
  • 03:51 Do you think this outfit would still be cool to wear in tomorrows show even though the game day is over? #
  • 04:11 I'm restarting the rude spy cams and I have received word that the Housecamz will be working again by tomorrow! YAY! #
  • 04:28 Ahhh! These left over pancakes from IHOP are too sweet! They are making me want salty cheese instead so I am giving them to my dog... #
  • 05:09 I'm eating dolmas with cock sauce and parmesan cheese and watching an episode of "Charmed". The video editing will be continued in a bit! #
  • 07:34 God I have some serious cramps. I don't think I could personally handle having two vah jingas! #
  • 07:49 Peep my new shakinit video featuring shorts from @twerkgirldotco m :) #
  • 08:21 My birthday is in 9 short days! Are you excited? #
  • 09:28 The Moon's square to your key planet Uranus can turn your soci... More for Aquarius #
  • 09:47 I'm back up. I can't fucking ever sleep at the appropriate times. When is this going to end? #
  • 10:53 Add Saki Tsunami's profile to your facebook friends list!! /profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000725724294 #
  • 11:02 Has my ding dong melatonin kicked in yet? I feel like I am accomplishing WAY too much for it being 5am in the morning... #
  • 22:43 I just woke up. I hate how I keep sleeping this late to compensate for my insomnia. It's a viscous cycle! #
  • 22:48 Yay! My grandma fixed it so I can get text messages on my phone! Though I dunno how awesome this will actually pan out to be.... #
  • 23:05 This song was streaming throughout my dream last night about zombies taking over the world. It was pretty muc... ♫ #
  • 23:14 Thanks Bruce... You started this! ♫ #
  • 23:25 I had a dream last night that Kevin Alvey was sleeping with my mom. What the fuck is that all about? #
  • 23:26 I'm thinking if I cancel my cable that I will have more productive hours in the day. But I'm addicted like the dickens! #
  • 00:29 I cannot fucking believe this. The facebook profile I created for "Saki Tsunami" less than 12 hrs ago has already been disabled for NOTHING. #
  • 02:59 I'm about to go LIVE in my post game day garb! Come check it out! I also colored my hair so it looks nice:) #
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