Sunday, March 7, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:28 I kind of want a nap but I really need to edit this movie and walk the dog! What should I do? #
  • 03:30 If you are a musician & want free promotion in exchange for letting me use your tunes in my adult videos let me know! [email protected] #
  • 04:36 I'm gonna take a quick nap until Jay get's here... He should be here in like 20 minutes. #
  • 10:20 You may be tempted to shop for something you really don't need... More for Aquarius #
  • 10:43 We are mourning Adam being in jail by watching "The Trailer Park B oys"! #
  • 11:18 I'm sad that my buddy is in jail. The man is totally bullshit. #
  • 13:42 I know I best personally ate the best Indian food ever. But I bet I'll be making it for Steve again later! #
  • 22:01 Get me this costume & get a 3 month pass to or a 6 month pass to! You're choice! #
  • 02:04 We are going to eat at the casino! We'll be back later home slices! :) #
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