Monday, March 8, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:12 We just got back and man am I fucking sleepy! I may have to just edit that video (that I put off yesterday) tomorrow. #
  • 04:45 Haha! This game is awesome! #
  • 05:11 This is the best out of all the games! I wish I could have these on my site! Some sites have games right? #
  • 06:14 Just a reminder guys I usually never read my DMs here so email me instead! [email protected] :) #
  • 06:15 Are you a musician? Do you want to cross promote? If you allow me use your music in my videos you would get a LOT of exposure ! Let me know! #
  • 06:23 My roots are out of control again. On 1 hand this is a great thing because it means my hair is growing on the other hand it's a huge pain. #
  • 06:33 Q:what is the the area formula??? A:I don't even know what that means? #
  • 06:42 This Saturday is the Drop Dead Darlings one year show. It will be at Bullocks tavern doors open at 8, $5 to get in show starts at 10! #
  • 08:37 I have been up all playing these... This girl is my fave! #
  • 09:31 You may have to pare back your plans now, especially if you ar... More for Aquarius #
  • 20:44 I just woke up and I'm making Indian food. My cats are already driving me nuts today. #
  • 20:53 Um this dress if flipping AMAZING! I love it! #
  • 20:59 There is a episode of Tyra coming on right now about sugar daddies and sugar babies! I used to be one of those... Let's watch together! :) #
  • 21:10 Jeeze! Tyra is so fucking rude sometimes just because she doesn't understand differ ent types of alternative lifestyles. #
  • 22:29 I got that awesome garter belt with the beaded fringe off of my burlesque wish list in the mail today! :) #
  • 22:54 Oh fuck shit! I'm getting the brain shocks from quitting my Effexor. Fuck the pharmaceutical industry! #
  • 23:02 Q:happy women´s day A:Is today really women's day? That's cool! #
  • 23:03 Q:What kind of work would you like to do, wh... A:I will be managing other porn starlets and... #
  • 23:03 Ask me anything! #
  • 23:03 Q:Do u think that sex is better /or more fun... A:Ha no. I can't say that because I don't e... #
  • 23:25 If you're a musician and want to let me use your tunes for my dirty (and clean!) videos please email me a sample at [email protected]! :) #
  • 23:29 I hope those clip on bangs get here in time for Saki Tsunami's show on Saturday with The Drop Dead Darlings! #
  • 23:50 Haha! I'm only putting away my Christmas tree NOW. I rule... #
  • 00:17 My tits are huge. I've finally hit puberty. Be jealous! #
  • 00:35 Um I just read an email from a guy who starts out, "I thought you were dead". WTF? Why would someone send me something that fucking stupid? #
  • 00:38 PLEASE DO NOT DIRECT MESSAGE ME ON TWITTER. I will NOT answer them. Email me instead. [email protected] #
  • 00:54 I'm in a BAD fucking mood. I won't be communicating with anymore people today except for at my member's only show at 8pm on #
  • 01:10 Q:has a guy ever said no to you for sex??? A:No. Not yet anyways! :) #
  • 01:10 Q:i think you are a really cool person who does really cool things. do you al... A:I try to! ;) #
  • 02:03 Grrr this spy cam situation is really getting under my skin and I want to shoot someone. #
  • 02:04 Tonight's Truth or Dare Trivia on is about to begin so get's your front row seats at !!! :) #
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