Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:24 I'm doing private show for about another half hour! Come and get one while I'm still on! ping.fm/ofCTe #
  • 04:52 I have so much to do! I have so much to do! I'm not going to even turn on my TV this entire week. #
  • 05:45 Q:well if you eva shit awesomeness, could do it in a diaper and mail... A:Hahahahaha. Amazing. formspring.me/UndressJess/q/282919967 #
  • 05:48 My attention is lacking this evening. I need uppers. Uppers make me smart as a whistle. #
  • 06:23 Just took my 62nd mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/25691 #
  • 06:35 Haha! I can only hope that Saki does this song as well on Saturday... This woman rules. ping.fm/V2PrD #
  • 06:43 I wonder if you can go to a masseuse and just ask for a half hour face massage. Cause that's what I need. Noonie? Hit me up! #
  • 07:00 Ranch and peanut sauce mixed together tastes strangely delicious on fried mozzarella sticks. #
  • 07:05 Q:Im a DJ can you do a voice drop for me? A:If I do that do I get a copy of the song you use... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/283059244 #
  • 07:17 I'm pissed! There's high fructose corn syrup in my fucking yogurt. I gave it to the cats. My cats flipping LOVE yogurt. #
  • 08:25 Can someone take a avatar of mine and make it 19.5 KB for me? Email me! [email protected] :) #
  • 08:46 Q:Give me an email and I will give you instructions for the drop. ... A:[email protected] :) formspring.me/UndressJess/q/283138864 #
  • 08:47 Q: Do you prefer mornings or nights? A: Nights, duh. www.society.me/q/19422/view #
  • 08:48 Q: Can you share a picture of your favorite car? A: Hahahaha! Yes I can! (photo) www.society.me/q/19423/view #
  • 08:52 I think it's time to get ready for bed. It seems like everyone else in the universe is already there... #
  • 08:59 I'm freezing some chopped up bananas for my morning smoothies. Do you think the slices will turn brown before they actually freeze? #
  • 09:07 This video was totally my mom's project. She rules. ping.fm/8VAC6 #
  • 09:42 Um, why is this only $20? ping.fm/ktynV #
  • 09:42 You are feeling better about a relationship now, even if there... More for Aquarius twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=11 #
  • 10:38 Hahaha! It's an edible bacon fat candle! ping.fm/o8D3W #
  • 10:49 I've gotta walk the dog again, wash this coconut oil shit off of my face and go to bed. My throat feels funny. #
  • 11:31 I'm gonna sleep with my notebook next to the bed tonight cause I always get ideas when I'm half-asleep and pen and paper are out of reach! #
  • 11:52 I need to hurry and make some new clip in hair extensions. I out grew my old ones pretty quickly. My hairs are the same length as them now! #
  • 18:13 I just woke up and it's kind of freezing up in here... Up in here! #
  • 21:11 I just went and picked up a paler color in my favorite drugstore foundation since I stopped fake tanning: maybelline superstay! #
  • 21:17 I got 3 wishlist items today. The Mighty Boosh box set, Generation Rx and The book "You Can Heal Your Life" recommended by @CharlieSheena :) #
  • 23:17 I'm gonna nap until 6 and then get up and get ready for my 3D show on undressjess.com at 7pm CST! :) #
  • 01:08 Time for my 3D show on undressjess.com! Make sure you have you red and blue 3D specs to view! ;) ping.fm/9LcCH #
  • 01:59 Q:hey there sexy. would u like to jiggle that juicy ass on my face? :D... A:Haha, sure! formspring.me/UndressJess/q/286079046 #
  • 02:00 I flipping love Natasha Atlas! I'm listen to a song of hers I choreographed a dance to when I was 16. It makes me a little sad. #
  • 02:48 I was gonna make a smoothie but I just looked in the blender & there is something black in the very bottom & it smells like something died. #
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