Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm on sale for $7.99! TODAY ONLY!

For the rest of TODAY ONLY you can get a subscription to my site for an entire month for only $7.99!!!

I met my friends at for the first time in Arizona this month when I went to the Phoenix Forum and they decided to make me an honorary “Dream Girl”!

So I saw that they were doing a 3 day sale on all of their sites and they even offered to add me to the sale page as well if I would make a special sale price/link just for them and I was very interested because I had never tried a “sale” before! But it totally makes sense to do a sale for those that always s wanted to check out my site but weren’t quite convinced! Now you guys can have a month of my DAILY member’s cam shows, weekly videos and photo updates AND get access to my 15 (soon to be 20) spy cams located through out my house!

So the catch it you HAVE to go through this link:

If you go to any other way you won’t be able to get the special sale price.

Also the sale price link will only be up until midnight tonight! (I was up for a day and a half before now but I am only now getting around to posting it!)

So you better jump on this awesome deal before it’s too late! :)