Friday, May 21, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:19 Saki needs new strip tease supplies for this summer's upcoming shows! ;) #
  • 03:38 Q:So you're a ballerina? Can you do splits? A:Of course I can! Duh! I'm uber flexible! #
  • 03:39 Q:When will you be on privatecamz again? I'd... A:Maybe on Saturday night from 10 to 11pm CST. #
  • 03:40 Q:When did you lose your virginity? A:When I was 13. #
  • 04:13 Q:What are you going to do for a living afte... A:I will manage other models, run a milf sit... #
  • 04:14 Q:wussup mami. did u ever dance to one of my... A:Did you email them to me? if so what emai... #
  • 04:36 Q:I am a man with a large penis and incredib... A:I don't really know the ins and outs for d... #
  • 05:37 Tada! Bills paid! :) #
  • 05:52 I'm gonna read a little bit of a book and try to get sleepy for the night. I have a lot to catch up on tomorrow and band practice too! #
  • 06:53 Dude, The Big Lebowski goes XXX. AMAZING! #
  • 07:06 What are your top three female singers that are in awesome bands? My numero uno is Kim Gordon, obviously. #
  • 08:40 I'm nerding out and getting ready for bed while chatting with the homies on! :) #
  • 19:11 I slept 3 hours later than I planned damn it. I didn't fall asleep until around 6 or 7 th ough, so I suppose it all balances out evenly. #
  • 19:44 I'm getting addicted to Lifetime... AGAIN! #
  • 22:29 Yay! I love the people in my life. They really support me and are so understanding it's AWESOME! I love you guys. #
  • 23:18 Ooops! FAIL. Oh well Patsy brought me some nerve and ADD meds so I'm chill. #
  • 23:19 I'll fix my spy cams (sorry they went down guys) once I get back from band practice and the movie theater tonight! #
  • 23:31 My first issue of $PREAD magazine arrived today along with the illusive DILTRON for my cam shows! #
  • 23:41 I think I forgot to square away my ride to band practice tonight... Errrm, I have no idea how I'm getting there. #
  • 00:12 I am fucking high as fucking fuck right now. #
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