Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:33 I punched some shit and rocked some cardio at the gym today! Then I stuffed my face with little chickens at Brandi's! Whoot, whoot! #
  • 03:53 "I'm going to eat your face while fucking your brains out", said the red hot zombie vixen. #
  • 04:00 Yo there! Members of undressjess.com go peep out my newest member's ONLY blog post! Holla! ping.fm/UPzlD #
  • 04:08 Ooooh! Some wish list items arrived for Saki Tsunami today! Some paper dragons and that big ass Amy Winehouse wig! ping.fm/KyqCs #
  • 04:34 It's walk the dog and sleep time now . Tomorrow I'm going to hit stuff again and also I'm going back to Zumba! I will be in pain... #
  • 07:25 You are not afraid to take charge now that the powerful Scorpi... More for Aquarius twittascope.com/?sign=11 #
  • 17:01 Np punching bags for me today! I have an appointment with my therapist in an hour. But I am still gonna go to Zumba later! ;) #
  • 17:14 Please add the burlesque babe Saki Tsunami to your facebook friends list to be able to keep up with her performances! ping.fm/kIg3t #
  • 17:25 Oh WTF. Clips4Sale is having us move all of out links in the top part of our stores to the bottom. I paid big $ to have those links put in #
  • 20:48 Does anyone know any songs that mention the color green or about the color green that I could create a green themed burlesque number to? #
  • 21:02 Facebook, I swear to Goddess.... Don't make me cut you! #
  • 22:01 I'm fucking exhausted. I hardly slept at all last night but I must push on to Zumba! My hot ass will thank me later... #
  • 23:57 OMG I need a new sport bra. My tits flew around like crazy today at the Zumba class! :( I have some flop cakes. #
  • 00:10 Looks like Saki's white foundatio n (by Manic Panic) came in the mail today from her amazing wish list! ping.fm/ja75y #
  • 00:18 Buy me this sport bra for my workouts and I'll award you with a 2 month pass to undressjess.com! ping.fm/UmgBT #
  • 00:50 I'm practicing some band songs right now... I'm totally sucking P. J. Harvey's ass clean with the way I'm singing this number. #
  • 01:56 It's time for tonight's member show on undressjess.com! I'll be live in 3D! This is my first time using the new Camz! ping.fm/bRrEF #
  • 02:09 Well the new system looks awesome on my end and my 3D cam is finally working again but the system seems to not be broadcasting properly yet. #
  • 02:12 Did the new camworld not work for anyone else today or is it just me? #
  • 02:14 I can't get in so I guess the show is canceled due to their stiff not working. I'm kind of pissed that no one let me know so I could cancel. #
  • 02:22 Sorry about the problems tonight guys but I will for sure be in my show tomorrow and hopefully by Thursday, Camz will have it's shit sorted. #
  • 02:55 I'm gonna run down to Hammerheads to drink with Bruce. (It's his last week in town, AGAIN...) If anyone wants to join us, feel free! ;) #
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