Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:02 I'm gonna lay down and eat some wasabi peas while watching some classy night time TV. #
  • 05:03 OMG! How did I go without checking my regular facebook account for a day and acquire 75 friends requests? NUTS! #
  • 05:49 Dude, there is nothing on TV and I'm totally in the mood for dirty taco bell tacos but I don't own a car. Boooo! #
  • 06:01 I'm making broccoli cheese soup... WITH siracha sauce added in the mix. I like my food stuff SPICY! ;) #
  • 06:27 I just got really tired & I am so pleased with this fact. Maybe I should ride my bike more during the day & I will sleep better at night? #
  • 06:58 I have 8 mosquito bites JUST on my face and about 50 everywhere else. I looked like some type of spotted animal. #
  • 07:01 I am sexually deprived. This has got to stop. But I realize it's something I am doing to myself. #
  • 07:23 You are like the mythical Icarus today, flying too high for yo... More for Aquarius #
  • 07:34 I'm gonna walk the dog, fuck myself and go to sleep. Nighty kids! ;) #
  • 07:55 In the last year & a 1/2 I've taken a long/hard journey back to my "natural" state & so metimes I hate myself for it. I miss the impostor. #
  • 08:14 You know what? I'll get over it and be a better Jessa for it. #
  • 18:17 Q:why u did not participate in the contest? ... A:First of all it wasn't really as much mone... #
  • 18:18 Q:Would you pee on my hard cock? A:Hmmm, no. #
  • 18:18 Q:u got a big'ol butt? A:Yes I do! :) #
  • 18:20 Q:What was your basis for the Saki Tsunami c... A:To create an exotic character that embodie... #
  • 18:20 Q:you have the greatest ass ever !!!! A:Thank you! :) #
  • 18:30 Q:Do u ever wake up and feeel like u really... A:I prefer to only have sex at night while I... #
  • 18:30 Q:I luv your butt! Would you like my hot cum... A:I have never let anyone cum in my ass and ... #
  • 18:35 Q:What is the difference between undressjess... is my mail site and it has... #
  • 19:01 Where the fuck is my Kikkoman? How much do you wanna bet it rolled under the couch at some point? #
  • 19:06 Can I borrow someone's MP3 player for my trip to Vegas next week? I need it to practice some numbers for the burlesque show while I'm gone. #
  • 20:11 Boo! I'm editing photos. This is my least favorite part of my job. #
  • 23:19 I like having visitors during the day. Today it broke up the monotony of editing pictures. Sweet deal! #
  • 23:25 Condoms suck. Just FYI. I hate them but I can never take birth control again due to my stroke so I'm stuck with them:( #
  • 00:28 OMG! This rhythmic gymnast on "So You Think You Can Dance" is going to make me cry. #
  • 01:46 Kelley is leaving now. My heart is about to explode. #
  • 01:48 It exploded. #
  • 02:00 I'm jamming out to this song and trying to distract my mind from the fact that a really good fri end of mine just left town: #
  • 02:08 I'm full of mixed emotions and stress but oh well... It's time for tonight's bath time fun show on! #
  • 02:11 Okay my web chat is totally fucking not working... I'm working on it guys... I turned off my IM so I could connect better. #
  • 02:24 Okay can you guys see and hear me in chat? Because there are only 5 people in my chat room while there is usually a couple hundred. #
  • 02:37 Yay! It's working! #
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