Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Made A Profile On My Girl Fund

I uploaded some new videos today to sell on My Girl Fund. Don't be confused by my name on there/the URL, they asked me to create a original name to use on their site. I'll be mainly selling videos on there and inexpensively at that. I also can do like custom videos as well if there are requests that I can accommodate. Obviously you can see I really want that macbook pro I'm trying to save up for!

I just woke up from a little nap. It's BURNING UP in my apartment. My air conditioner has been broken for nearly 3 weeks. Of course I haven't told the land lord anything about this since I took this apartment over for my ex I never actually got his number. I'll probably put a little note in my rent for this coming month.

When it's hot like this all I want to do is sleep and sweat out all the bad stuff. It's like I'm living in constant detox. It's not really all that bad! I had a friend that lived upstairs for awhile and her and her husband never used the air conditioner OR the heat to save money. My electricity bill is usually sky high (from constantly running 4 laptops to support my 15 spy cams) so really I could take a tip from them and keep doing this if the bill ends up lowering a noticeable amount. I'm fine with my little fan.

Speaking of fans, have you seen that crazy ass fan that doesn't use any turn mechanism at all? I saw one at Best Buy last week. It just somehow magically sucks air out behind it and pushes it out to you in a wide steady stream of cool air. It was pricey as all kinds of hell though. I wish I had one of those right about now though.

I found the skin I want for my macbook pro that I am saving up tirelessly for:

I've bought skins for my last 4 laptops and became addicted to the idea for some reason. I think it looks fucking cool when you take your laptop out to coffee shops or bars to have a some kind of personal touch to show that you're serious about your computing... Or something? It was also important to me that the apple will show though the skin and that is one of the only sites that had skins with apple cut outs for mac laptops.

I also found the case I want...
You can actually send me online gift certificates for mod cloth so send away to [email protected] if you please!

Here is the link to send the gift certificates:

Also in recent news I'm getting back on the weight loss band wagon. I HAVE lost 20 lbs in the last 3 or so months since I started working on it. I need to update that ticker thing... We have a HUGE ASS burlesque show coming up on the day before Halloween so I want to be look fucking GOOD for it. Either that or I'm simply just not going to perform if I don't feel good about the way I look. I realize it's shallow but I have to just accept that's how I am... Shallow.

So this might sound outrageous and all but I want to lose 30 lbs in the next two months. So basically I won't be eating. And don't get on your high horse and tell me how bad that is for me and blah blah blah. That's just how it's got to be. I plan on eating one solid meal a day at least and my doctor keeps upping my adderal prescription so it shouldn't be too hard. I have another appointment to up it again at the end of the month. I hope he'll just put me back on the same script I had before my stroke (which had NOTHING to do with adderal or anything in the "upper" category if you were going to judge me on that.)

Between my goal of losing 30 lbs in two months (which is only a half lb a day and will get me down to 130lbs) and saving up to by a macbook pro (which I hope to buy around the same time I reach my weight goal) I think I'll have plenty to be stressed about so please don't try to add to it! K thanx! :)

Lastly I've been adding tons of my archived videos to my clip store, please help a sista out in meeting one of her goals by buying some of her slutty videos for cheap! I know some of you guys hate committing to an entire month to a site when you can just buy the video you want!

And of course if you want to hear me stop bitching about this laptop you could just be a lamb and buy it for me? That will get you a lifetime membership to which I plan on having well into my milf years and pretty much anything else your heart desired... You can do that here!