Sunday, October 10, 2010

Check out my new sex machine that YOu can fuck me with!

I’m really excited to FINALLY tell you about what I’ve been buzzing about for over a month now… THE DILTRON!

Okay so I’ve mentioned on my twitter/face book/myspace updates that my main cam site that I work on and LOOOOVE was sending me a sex machine called a diltron to Beta for their site. As far as I know they only picked 3 girls to send this awesome sex toy to for FREE in exchange for trying it out and introducing it to the site as something they might have more girls use in the future.

The model manager sent me this email asking me if I’d be interested and I checked out the attached video and I admit I was kind of scared. It looked really hot and all but I had no idea who was controlling it (the dildo that was pounding the girl in the video) as it was attached to a stick type thing that was coming from off screen. I asked him how it worked and explained it to me; Basically it was a sex toy that the dudes that get shows from their diltron girls on can operate via their mouse and fuck the girl as fast or as slow (or any combination of those) as he desires! It’s %100 interactive! YOU control it to fuck me the way YOU wanna!

I found an article on this blog from a guy that got a show from one of the other girls that was picked to premier the toy. It includes a little video to show you how it worked when he used it on her:

It’s pretty friggin’ cool, man! So I am going to PREMIER the use of this machine in chat on Monday night! (As of now that’s tomorrow October 11th…) I’ll be taking private shows with this toy from 9 to 10pm CST! I’m even temporarily cutting my cam rates down to $1.49 a min from the usual $3.99 a min TOMORROW ONLY! I want everyone to have a chance to try this thing and see for themselves how cool it is. I did a test run with it a feel days ago with one of my friends and it was amazing.

Another random thing that might be worth mentioning is this will be the first time I appear on the record as a blonde! I decided to go back to blonde after my brief stint with stupid black hair. Even though that IS my natural hair color I just like my hair better when it’s lighter… Okay random.

Anyway, I hope to see you all there tomorrow/Monday! Even if you just wanna ask me questions about the new toy (or anything else you’ve been dying to know…!) you can join my free chat room on there. Here’s my link:

Also this is a really great time for members of to view me on my 4 bedroom spy cams while I take privates and whack off to the hotness! This will be going on throughout the hour after our hour long member show anyway so it‘s not really an extra stretch for you guys. ;) I will make sure that all of the cams in the bedroom regardless of their usual positions in the room are facing me while I’m getting rammed by my fuck buddies on! But of course if you prefer to fuck me yourself you can always infiltrate to buy your ticket to the front roll where you’ll control the action!

I’m really stoked about this because I think not only will it be hot to be that interactive with you guys but also the technology of this machine is insane and I want to share it with the world. So… BE THERE! :)


Total Non-Sequitur said...

reading about multi cam fuck sessions really makes me realize that the future has arrived.
anyway, when you have a few down moments in your refractory period you should stop by our blog and check out the show. i think it may be up your alley.