Thursday, November 11, 2010

Comments and My Responces On My 1st Sex Toy Review

1. C: I don't mean to be rude, but this reads a little like a spamvertisement, not a review. You didn't mention what it was made of (judging by the look and the price I would guess jelly vinyl, which is porous and will trap bacteria and viruses under the surface). If it is vinyl I really hope you did the vaginal review prior to the anal review else you will likely end up with a horrid yeast infection. No mention of battery type or life and a waterproof toy should have some mention of what kind of seal it has (likely a rubber o-ring).

You also may want to a) target this towards communities that focus more on reviews than this one (which is more a place people come asking for advice) and b) you may want to put your pics under a lj-cut.

It is not a bad review per say... it just REALLY comes across like you are selling something.

R: Hey! I appreciate your response and I don't think you're trying to be rude.

I didn't see anywhere on the box or toy where it said what the toys is made out of and I did mention that in the video.

I didn't use the toy anally because I don't even mix anal and vaginal toys no matter what the toy is made out of. I will mention that in the next video because I think you made a really good point there.

I think I mentioned in the video that it uses 2 twin batteries and that I myself used rechargeable batteries.

I'm not positive on the battery life but I will actually try to test the next toy with my rechargeable batteries to see how long it lats with those. I also added that point to my list of points to go over when reviewing toys from now on! :)

I used the toy for a long time in the bath and I didn't personally have any issues with water getting into the battery cage.

I went back and checked the toy where you turn it on and add batteries and there is actually a clear band that I didn't see before there it closes and that's how it keeps out the water like you mentioned. I wish I would have seen this before to mention it in the review.

I'll look for review communities I didn't even think of that!

I would really like to post my reviews here though because I've found this community so helpful myself in the years past.

I'm not sure how to do ljcuts. I never learned. I'll look into that for my next review though.

Also I'm glad you mentioned it looked like I was selling something. Although I would very much like for people to be able to buy and use the products i review this is more of a "for fun" project over anything so I'll do my best to avoid that as much as possible next time. I want those that buy the toys I review to know I would tell them the truth to the best of my knowledge and I that I would never mislead anyone for them to buy a product that I didn't myself experience a good, clean, fun and mostly SAFE time while using.

2. C: Just putting it out there that this seems to be one of those 'jelly' products that can cause serious irritation and I wouldn't recommend buying one at all myself, and if you must use one to use it with a condom. This product isn't sterilisable nor made of anything that I would put in my mouth, let alone my vagina.

Here's a link to some articles that talk about the safety of different toy materials:

And specifically on phthalates: which this toy seems likely to contain.

All in all I would always use a condom with a toy of this kind.

R: I just checked the box and you're right. It doesn't mention that it DOESN'T contain phthalates. So it's maybe best to be safe and use a condom! I'm gonna check this link because my sensitivity issues might just be a reaction to phthalates. So thank you VERY MUCH for posting this!

I also have problems with "jelly" type products giving me UTIs or (even worse) yeast infections or sometimes they just irritate my vah-jay-jay for a few hours after using the product. I haven't had any problems with this toy though but if I end up having an issue I'll update and let everyone know on my blog! I really hope they send me a wooden vibrator to review next!