Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Weekly Episode of the Jessa Flux Video Blog!

My band's CD is out! Check out our page for links to listen and/or buy the digital copy of our 1st album!

I got a REAL PHONE! Yeah I stepped into the smart phone world... It's an android. Recommend me some apps, bitches!

Finally I got all of the stuff out of the old apt. up here into the new one. Now I just have to sort through all of it and get it the hell out of my way! Booo!

Email me if you want an official CD version of our album!

[email protected]


gaz said...

hi this is gaz from england, not really into your porn stuff but i do like your blogs

AmbientMagic said...

You really cant "delete" those apps but you can get them off the screen. just touch and hold the app and drag down to trash can. It puts it in a menu. Anyways i would recommend myfitnesspal for a super cool app to track your cals and carbs.