Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Week's Sex toy Review on the Bimini Flash by FunFactory!

This week I’m reviewing the Bimini Flash by my FAVORITE sex toy company, FunFactory! This is a pretty solidly effective toy and overall I give it a 3.95 out of 5! Haha! I’m very specific! I took off some pointage due to it not being super quiet though it’s not extremely loud either, as you will see and hear in my review video.

This toy was provided to me by Eden Fantasys and comes in two colors: either white or purple (looks more like a pink or magenta to me though!) and costs $74.99 and can be bought directly here!!!

It has 4 modes of vibrations; a smooth vibrating mode that starts low but can be maxed out pretty high and feels awesome. There are the other three modes too which are vibrating patterns. These are kind of hard to explain in print. Ha! So you’ll have to watch my video to see and hear those. I kind of mimic them with the sound of my voice for you guys in the video, if that makes any sense at all!
I also took off for it being small in size. I don’t mind that at all because it makes it extremely portable and discreet. But for some people it might just be too small. But the size was perfect for me because I like small to medium size toys but even I thought, “Wow this toy is pretty small!”

You’ll have to make your mind up for yourself about the size but its measurements are 5 1/2" in total toy length and 3" insertable length. The circumference is 4 1/4" and Diameter is 1 3/8” but you’ll kind of realize its real life scale by watching the video review below.

Probably the most amazing feature of the Bimini Flash is that it’s rechargeable and not just with any old recharging system but this one is magnetic making the Bimini Flash completely seamless and totally water proof. I am often reluctant to really get down in water with most of my toys even if they do claim to be water proof but with this there is absolutely nothing to screw up in water! That’s amazing!

But the last “con” I had to take off a few “points” for is that the charger tends to get knocked off of the toy being that it’s magnetic and not like something that plugs directly into the toy… But if you just sit it somewhere and sit it still it will charge up just fine. I charged mine pretty much all day the first day that I received it and I haven’t had to charge it again yet so it keeps it’s charge pretty darn well!

The Bimini Flash is made with %100 silicone but feels softer and more pliable than other silicone toys I’ve used. It’s very velvety and actually just thinking about it is turning me on a little. I wish you could feel it! It’s latex free, phthalates free and the silicone used in this toy is actually food grade so it’s completely safe.

I hope you enjoy the video review and let me know if there are any other toys that you would be interested in seeing me review! I’ll see what I can do for ya!

Also for my pervy homies out there, you can see the HD video of me using this toy and trying it out and cumming on it on LATER THIS WEEK! ;)