Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cosplay Free Teaser & A new Vieo Blog 4 Ya! ;)

Check out the teaser from my LATEST booty dancing/stripping video update! This is so awesome! Think of this video as a tribute to my first booty dance video online ever when I was dressed as "Rainbow Brite"! Now I'm dressed like her friend "Patty O' Green" and twerking it like the pro I've become! Enjoy! You can see the entire video on ;)

And here's a video blog explaining why I've been a little MIA these last couple of weeks! ;)


Paul said...

You've got "it" & you know how to move it. Lol I got a flinch in my loins at your move at 48 seconds on the PattyO'Green vid. :-0
Depressed then 'reborn', yes I get this too, I find that when I come out of a depression episode, I'm totally motivated & up for diving into projects that have been swilling about my brain.
Keep the faith - Jess.

UndressJess said...

Thanks Paul! I find that a lot of folks don't really understand when I feel that way and they think it's "weird" and I should just "get on with it" but it's really not like that. Sometimes you gotta take time to yourself, ya know? ;) Thanks again for being awesome and I'm glad you liked my booty video ha! It was really fun making it for sure!