Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two AWESOMELY Cute (Non-Insertable & Discreet) Vibrators!!!

I’m really stoked cause today I’m reviewing both the Forbidden Fruit massager and the Love Bunnies vibe! This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines. There are a few reasons that I’d like to list, of why I’m choosing to do a combined review on both of these discreet vibrators specifically in the same blog post…

Mainly because I’m a solo web girl and on my site I’ve used my hitachi a LOT in my videos and member shows… I use the hitachi because it’s powerful, easy to use and it’s not a toy you use by inserting it into the vahjinga. Ha! My viewers often want to see me “get off” with a sex toy but I’m not always up for vaginal penetration… Either just because I don’t feel like penetration that day or it could be due to being on the rag and already having a diva cup already taking up all of the penetrable space in there! Also, the hitachi always has to have an available electrical outlet to operate it so I am limited on where I can work in the apartment depending on whether I am close to an outlet or not. Lastly, the hitachi is NOT cute and it just gets boring for me and I’m sure for my members as well…

Sooooo… I’ve been on a hunt for a few other GOOD non-insertion style sex toys so I don’t bore the piss out of my members or have to use the same old ugly hitachi so often. Like I said, it IS amazing but what I’m seeking is VARIETY! Another reason I’m choose these two SPECIFIC sex toys is due to the fact that I know my readers are diverse… I know there are other experienced web girls and cam girls that read my blog that are going to want higher end sex toys because these are the tools we use daily so we want them to be EASY as far as them either using easy to find and possibly rechargeable batteries or being rechargeable themselves. I think you girls will agree that we also want sex toys that are made from SAFE materials that aren’t going to cause us any undue stress.

But I have other female (and male!) readers that simply trust my opinion on sexuality in general since it is my job and those readers look to me for advice on sex toys that are easy to use, safe and non-intimidating for those that are just starting out with sex toys. Of course my main fan base is male so I have dudes reading that want to know what kind of toys they should get for the ladies in their lives. Many of my homies also tell me they don’t want to feel like they’re competing with a HUGE cock shaped sex toy and instead they would rather get their women something they would be comfortable enough to use on them or with them! These readers may not have a huge budget for sex toys and are going to be more interested in lower priced items that are STILL safe and simple to use.

This is why I chose to introduce you guys to the very affordable Love Bunnies vibe. It’s a GREAT price at ONLY $19.99 on and it’s made of high quality food grade silicone which is a level 10 on our safety scale and as you guys know I LOVE %100 silicone because it’s hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous & phthalates free! This means that it’s %100 safe to use around your sensitive areas and you can even remove the splash proof bullet and use the bullet alone or with other toys that require a standard sized bullet. To sterilize this toy, remove the bullet to wash with soap and water and boil the bunny sleeve by itself for a few minutes in a large pot of water. Easy!

The Love Bunnies vibe isn’t a very powerful sex toy at all but you can get a stronger (standard sized) bullet and use it with the cute bunny shaped sleeve if you LOVE the design but need a stronger level of vibration or you can get a completely water proof bullet to use with it so you can take your special little bunny into the bath! This is what I plan to do!

I have been using the Love Bunnies vibe mostly as a teaser toy to warm me up for either a stronger toy or for actual human sex (haha!) with my boyfriend. Because of the cute and simple one click design it isn’t intimidating for him to use on me and that rules to the max! Ha! However, unless you have an overly sensitive vagina this toy isn’t going to be powerful enough to get you off all on its own but you can always upgrade it with a stronger bullet or use it as a warm up to the main event or during foreplay with a partner.

Let me begin talking about our next toy by telling you the price of it and getting that out of the way now… The price of the Forbidden Fruit clocks in at $99 on which may be higher than you might expect to pay for any sex toy but the Forbidden Fruit IS our higher end item that I wanted to show ya’ll today and I really wanted to review both a less expensive (non-insertable/discreet) toy AND a high end (non-insertable/discreet) toy for those of you like me, who invest a lot into sex toys that are WELL WORTH their high price tags…

With the Forbidden Fruit the reason for its high cost is because of its beautiful design as a ripe red apple and also because it’s a powerful rechargeable sex toy that you’ll NEVER have to scrounge around trying to find batteries for. It even comes with a one year warranty in case it something happens with it… The company that produces this product, Rianna S is a VERY high end sex toy manufacturer and they stand by their creations.

It arrives in a gorgeous box and the charging dock is a part of the included storage container which is also designed to be extremely sleek. The toy itself is a 4” by 4” apple with a little green stem that you use to control the massager’s intensity and vibration patterns. It’s VERY strong and though nothing seems to be as strong as the original hitachi, the Forbidden Fruit DOES give Mr. Hitachi a run for his money!

The only thing I can say that bums me out about the Forbidden Fruit is that it’s NOT waterproof. I demonstrate how I wash the Forbidden Fruit without getting it’s charging port wet in the process in the video below:

Now that you’ve watched my video you can see how pretty it is but I forgot to mention that even though this sex toy’s material safety level is only at 8 due to it being made of hard plastic, that hard plastic IS anti-bacterial, food-grade, hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous and phthalates free! This toy is just as safe as the hitachi if not safer and I’ve never gotten a UTI (I ALWAYS get UTIs from jelly toys or silicone compound toys!) from using hard plastic sex toys in the past...

I’ve had other massager wands that were nice and powerful like the hitachi but because their heads were smaller in size (ahem! the Fairy rechargeable wand massager
is guilty of this!) they couldn’t really do the trick for me because they didn’t stimulate as large of an area as the large knob on the hitachi can… Well I am happy to report the size of the Forbidden Fruit apple is about the same size as the head of the hitachi but doesn’t have the bulk of the rest of the wand shaft to carry around and because it’s rechargeable it’s definitely more portable!

For the person ready to take the plunge on a really nice high quality sex toy and who wants a massager (…that’s not really noticeable to the naked eye as actually BEING a sex toy) that will also last for a long time and has STRONG vibrations, the Forbidden Fruit is totally the way to go!

Both of the sex toys I’ve told you about in this post (the Forbidden Fruit and the Love Bunnies vibe) aren’t going to be noticeable sitting on your shelf or recognizable as any sort of sex toy. This might be of use to those of you still living at home or with other people that you would prefer for them to not know what it is you’re up to… The other similarity between the two is that they aren’t sex toys that require penetration to use which would make these toys attractive to sex toy beginners or to experienced users like me, who are looking for non-insertable sex toy alternatives for whatever reason we may have... Lastly, both of the above toys are non-intimidating for partners or beginners that may be apprehensive about using a toy that needs to be inserted to be enjoyed.

I hope you guys have all enjoyed my review and if you have ANY questions please don’t hesitate to ask!  I love helping out people with questions about the toys a review! It’s why I do this! I hope that if you do give any sex toys that I review a try you’ll let ME know what YOU think!

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