Sunday, April 7, 2013

Look what I done did!!! :D #WeightLoss

I broke my plateau! Lookie!!!  I'm only 6lbs away from starting to make super awesome new content again!!!  Also I'm only 11lbs away from going back to stripping 2x a week!  I dunno where I'm gonna work yet so don't ask...  I'm a little reluctant to go back to Scores.  I've kinda made an ass out of myself there & I'm not sure they'll take me back but I hope they do?  That's really the only place in town I'd feel comfortable working.

Anyhow...  I'm really excited my Candida cleanse seems to be working so far! :D  Since I started on January 25th I have lost 15lbs in all!  It's been slow but I'm really proud of my progress so far & I hope y'all are too! :)

If you wanna send me a little something to congratulate me on my 1st 15lbs lost that would be swell!

Only 26 more pounds to lose!  I'm working really hard you guys!!!  :)  Here's a picture I took with my phone so show off my recent weight loss!