Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am watching that dance crew show on MTV. I had no fucking clue that dance crews were so popular! I am jealous man… I want my own dance crew, you know other than the fact I can’t fucking perform hip hop dance if my life depended on it. My dance crew would have to be back up by live musicians and include chants like the Go! Team to satisfy me.

I just accidentally located my long lost secret blog that I haven’t touched since 2005. It’s pretty sad if I say so myself. Go lurk.

Damnit this bitch is jocking my style!

OH! I am in a little beauty contest to be a model on a website for which I will get to fly out to sunny Southern California and take creepy and sexy zombie pin-up photos for this awesome upcoming alternative porn site. I would really appreciate you guys doing your best to vote for me (contestant #2, you HAVE to type it like “#2“) EVERYDAY but posting a vote on the contest page, which is found here:
ALL you have to do is leave a comment saying that contestant #2 is the hottest of them all!
No need to be a actual member of the site!
You must be 18 to vote.
You can vote for me once a day and tell your friends to vote for me as well!

I'll be reposting this as a reminder in a number of areas until the contest is over so don't get mad!
Get Glad!

This is my favorite song right now hahhaahahaha!

Long live Degrassi!!!!