Monday, July 7, 2008

insulting email...

"i can't believe you are all over the internet begging for votes for a contest when you couldnt even stay sober long enough to appear in Dana DeArmond video she could of made you a star like she did the 1 girl at the end you have been a drunk an fuck up everthing you ever done keep asking for votes with all the different guys you screwed drunk on camwhores you could have been a great porn star Dana told ever one how you waited til an hour before you where surpose to be in LA then called you always been a screw up an always will just sober up an fly straight you might get something in life quit begging for VOTES for contest you will never win"

This guy can't fucking speak with correct english or even spell yet he's cutting me down?
His email is: [email protected]
Please email him and tell him what a fucking loser he truly is...